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An ode to another mediocre season

The Miami Dolphins appear destined for another medicore year, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and...

Another year another one
Where before it's over you are done
We've been down this road before
Too many times has my heart been sore
Week after week we are here
Hoping that this is the one we can cheer
Yet every week it's the same
Another loss in another game
This year was to be the one
All the hype, the season of fun
Then it all started badly
A coach was fired, for fans gladly
Hope sprung anew
With two wins this team had a clue
We had hope, we could cheer
We had a coach to make others fear
Thirty points seemed offense's new norm
With the defense finally finding its form
Aggressive and fast the team played
A brand new team was displayed
The Playoffs again seemed in reach
A winning record home in South Beach
Then came two road games
Away went all those postseason claims
Once again you're in a hole
Hoping .500 can be a goal
Beat down and frustrated fans
Grasping at glimmers in the sands
This team could be so much more
Rooting for Miami is starting to be a chore
A decade of poor personnel choosing
A decade of nothing but losing
So many of us aqua we bleed
As a new generation of fans we breed
Kids who know nothing but being last
Parents who want to share the love of the past
Marino, Csonka, Griese, Thomas
Taylor, Williams, Warfield, Morris
Roby, Little, Scott, Mare
Mandich, Stephenson, Langer, Duhe
Moore, Clayton, Surtain, Kiick
Duper, Webb, Madison, Buoniconti
Today's team has big names
They just cannot win games
Another year, more what and why
The Dolphins make us all cry
Seven years in, two Super Bowls
Forty-three years more, a trophy case of holes
That have never been filled
A streak that may never be killed
Every year filled with hope are fans
Every year finishes as also-rans