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Dolphins at Bills final score and rapid reactions: Buffalo jumps all over Miami again

The Buffalo Bills hosted the Miami Dolphins today in the second half of the division rivals' home-and-home series. Buffalo, who destroyed Miami in the first game, again jumped all over Miami this week.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills met for the 100th time in the regular season history between the two clubs, and it looked similar to the 99th meeting when the clubs met earlier this year. The Bills once again jumped all over Miami and the Dolphins could not find any way to answer. We will have full recaps and analysis of this game over the next few days, but here are my rapid reactions, written as they happened:

First Half

  • Dolphins defense looked good on first Buffalo drive. Should have had three-and-out, but bounced back with stop on next set of downs.
  • Are you serious? Another safety on a screwed up shotgun snap? What is happening?
  • Touchdown Bills. LeSean McCoy with the 48-yard run for a score. Buffalo 9 - Miami 0.
  • Miami need to wake up fast.
  • It's amazing how fast Twitter becomes anti-Miami.
  • Dolphins special teams giving up penalties all over the place. Need to fix that.
  • I'm tired of writing sentences that include Miami "needing" to do something.
  • We see you Jay Ajayi, making your NFL debut. Play action to the rookie, then two carries for nine yards - and both plays had Buffalo penalties. Miami moving the ball.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Lamar Miller scores to bring Miami to within two points.
  • Reshad Jones has got to be a Pro Bowl player this year, right?
  • Field goal. Dan Carpenter extends Buffalo lead to 12-7.
  • 51-yard return on the kick from Damien Williams! Oh, wait, flag. Holding on Terrence Fede. Darren Rizzi is not happy.
  • What a gorgeous deep ball from Ryan Tannehill to Kenny Stills! 46 yard gain.
  • Dolphins stall despite the big play. Punt time.
  • Great deep pass from Tyrod Taylor to Sammy Watkins. 63-yards with Brent Grimes tripping behind Watkins.
  • And, touchdown Buffalo. 11-yard run from Karlos Williams. Ball came loose, looked like a fumble, but refs call touchdown and replay "stands."
  • Dolphins move the ball 85-yards as the half closes. Needed 86 for the touchdown. Like the aggression to go for it there, looking to score a TD, then come back after the half and do it again, but missing it hurts.
  • Halftime, Bill 19 - Dolphins 7. Miami to get the ball to start the second half.

Second Half

  • Kickoff.
  • Dolphins quickly back out to midfield after a big pickup from Lamar Miller on a screen pass. And another gets the Dolphins down to the 20.
  • Toss to Jarvis Landry who lined up in the backfield. Throw back across the field to Tannehill who catches the pass for nine yards. And a late hit out of bounds! First and goal Miami.
  • That was a really well designed pass back, get all of the defense moving to the offense's left, then throw back to a quarterback who has experience as a receiver. Well done Dolphins.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Lamar Miller with his second rushing touchdown of the game. Bills 19-14.
  • There's the Dolphins defense! Sack (Jordan Phillips). Tackle for loss. Stop on third down. Bills punting.
  • Tight end Jordan Cameron seems confused by alignments/shifts today. Don't know why that's causing issues, but he has had to be corrected multiple times.
  • Refs allow Taylor to throw away a ball as Ndamukong Suh repeatedly spins Tylor. Clearly Suh looked like he was trying to take it easy and not throw Taylor to the ground, believing it would be a "in the grasp" call. Nope.
  • Next play, refs completely ignore horrible hold on Suh and Taylor throws long TD pass to Watkins. 26-14 Buffalo.
  • Dolphins defense seems to be up-and-down at this point. They make a great play, then allow a big play. The refs aren't helping, but the defense needs to find consistency.
  • People are going to criticize Ryan Tannehill after this game because that's the favorite thing for some to do, but he is well over 90 passer rating and is making decent throws. Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, and  Tannehill are the reasons Miami is still in this game. Jarvis Landry is up there too.
  • Again, defensive big play, allowed big play. Suh with the sack. Karlos Williams with the long touchdown run. Bills 33-14.
  • Jason Fox was not horrible during the game, but he was not good either. Multiple penalties, and pressures on Tannehill, hurt the Dolphins' attempt to come back.
  • The offensive line has just completely fallen apart now. Jerry Hughes with another sack.
  • Field goal from Andrew Franks. 33-17 Buffalo.
  • Buffalo recovers the onside kick. Defense needs to come up with a turnover.
  • Richie Incognito is a beast. So ridiculous that he is not still in Miami.
  • Brent Grimes hurt on a touchdown saving tackle as Karlos Williams again busts a long run. Looked like Grimes took the back of Williams' foot to either his throat or to the ribs.
  • Kneel downs from Taylor and it's over.

Final Score: Buffalo 33-17

Final thoughts: There is still a lot to fix with this team, something an interim coach in his fourth game is not going to be able to completely have fixed by now. The rest of this year is simply about determining how much of this team has to be blown up after the season. Can Dan Campbell earn the job full time? Will the Dolphins look better by the end of the year? The Dolphins are not, mathematically, out of the playoff hunt, but this year is starting to turn to preparation for next year.