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Dolphins at Bills predictions of the final score - Week 9

We predict the final score for the Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills game in Week 9 of the 2015 regular season.

The Miami Dolphins are looking to prove they are more like the team that blew out the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans, and not the team that was blown out by the New England Patriots last week, or the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills a few weeks ago. This week, they get that chance with their second meeting this year with the Bills. As we do each week, we give our Phinsider contributors a chance to predict the final score against the Bills, as well as give you a chance to use our prediction widget to make your own guess at the final score.

James McKinney
MIA 24 - BUF 21

Dan Campbell helps the team get their "swagger" back this week and the team shows up and plays well. Having a full week plus of practice between games should be a huge difference from having to face the Patriots in their building after a very short week (why does the NFL play these damn Thursday night games again? Oh, yeah, GREED!). Miami's defense will continue to play well and the offense will have better rhythm with the full week of practice under their belt. Miami pulls out the away win 24 to 21.

MIA 31 - BUF 24

No game will be played Sunday. Dan Campbell and Rex Ryan are going to meet at midfield and settle this with an old fashioned staring contest. Rex stated that he wouldn't want to mess with Campbell and I feel the intimidation will work. Rex is going to lose this staring match. Joking aside, this is going to be good game. Ryan Tannehill is going to have to do something he has never done and that's win in Buffalo. I think the Bills defensive line is going to give us some trouble, so expect another offense like the one we ran against the Texans. It will be interesting to see how our defensive line fares. I still think it's a talented unit, Olivier Vernon has to start playing better with Cameron Wake out now. This is going to be one physical game and look for the Campbell legacy to start up again after this matchup.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
MIA 14 - BUF 28

Another year and we are once again stuck at the middle of the season asking ourselves "How good is our team, really?" I love the energy that Campbell has brought and I really didn't expect us to be on New England's level last week, so this will be Miami's first TRUE test to see if we can defy the odds and play 60-minutes against a legitimate team. Here's the facts... the loser of this game will not make the playoffs. With a loss, Miami will be 3-5, 0-4 in the division and that's too big of a hole to crawl out. Can Miami withstand the Wake injury and go up to Buffalo and win a game that they need to in November? History says no, so this will be Dan Campbell's biggest true test of resiliency to date, to show that this is not your typical Dolphins team. I myself have to see it before I believe it. Winning against Houston and Tennessee is great, but those wins aren't going to make you a playoff team. The stars have aligned for us in the AFC to take advantage of the AFC wildcard... can Coach Campbell and this team defy the norm and win games they need to at the end of the year? History says no, so Dolphins... please prove everyone, including me, wrong. PLEASE, please prove us wrong.

MIA 17 - BUF 31

WE SUCK AGAIN! THE SKY IS FALLING!! No, in all seriousness, we match up horribly with Buffalo. We always play terrible up there. Cam Wake is gone. I love Dan Campbell, and the new energy, but that Pats game was tough to watch. And the Bills own us in Buffalo. It sucks being a Dolphin fan sometimes.

Kevin Nogle
MIA 27 - BUF 24

The Dolphins are not as bad as the team that lost to the Bills in Week 3, though they may not be as good as the team that demolished the Titans and Texans. The loss of Cameron Wake will be hard to overcome, but I think this defense was embarrassed to the point that they are going to come out with something to prove. The Bills matchup well against the Dolphins, but Miami needs to turn around an 0-3 start to their AFC East schedule, and they can start doing that this week.

Your Predictions

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