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All quiet at the NFL trade always

The NFL trade deadline has passed, and as usual, there was not much activity.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We all do it to ourselves every single year. The NFL trade deadline is constantly the most boring of the trade deadline in the major sports, yet every year, we all expect to see someone make a major move. And, just like every year in the past, nothing happened again this year.

The biggest trade - and only trade - was San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis being sent to the Denver Broncos. Yesterday. Today, with the deadline set for 4pm ET, there was nothing.

There were rumors. Plenty of rumors. There appears to have been an almost trade, with the Broncos and Cleveland Browns almost solidifying a deal to send Joe Thomas from Ohio to Colorado. The deal did not beat the deadline, however, as the Broncos could not create the space to get under the salary cap enough for Thomas to fit.

Once again, the NFL trade deadline has past without much action. We will just have to wait to do it all again next year.