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NFL trade deadline: Players Miami could use as bait

The NFL trade deadline is just a few hours away. If they Miami Dolphins were to get active in the trade market, who could they use as trade bait?

The NFL trade deadline is at 4pm ET today, and, while there is not usually a large number of trades that actually happen, they are not completely unheard of, either. Yesterday, we saw the first move in the league as the San Francisco 49ers traded tight end Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos. Will we see more today? Will the Miami Dolphins get active on the trade market? Who do the Dolphins have to offer on the market?

Rishard Matthews, wide receiver

The top name for the Dolphins to consider shipping somewhere, either as an option in brining in another player or as a way to gain draft picks for next year, will be Matthews. He currently leads the team in receiving yards and touchdowns, and is second in targets and receptions. He has a great repoire with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but he could be in demand if the Dolphins were willing to shop him around. Trading away Matthews would open more playing time for Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker, but would still be a risk in shipping off one of your top receiving options. Likelihood of a Trade: 5/10

Walt Aikens, safety

This seems like a strange choice to add to the roster, as Aikens is the team's starting safety next to Reshad Jones, but he could be a low-cost option for a team looking for secondary help, and Miami could consider the move, which would then move Michael Thomas into the starting lineup. It is again a risk, but it could be one that nets Miami a draft pick.

Greg Jennings, wide receiver

There is not going to be a lot of traction in trying to trade Jennings, who is quickly disappearing down the Dolphins' wide receiver depth chart, but there could be one team that has interest in the veteran. The Packers have been dealing with injuries to their wide receiver corps all year, and Jennings spent five years with Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback from 2008 through 2012. It might be a long shot, but it could be a match that gets Jennings more playing time, gets the Packers a healthy wide receiver, and it could give the Dolphins a late draft pick.

Are the Dolphins likely to make any move with any of these three players? Probably not. But, they could at least be considerations before today's trade deadline.