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Dolphins at Jets final score and rapid reactions: Dolphins crumble to 4-7

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have completed their Week 12 AFC East showdown. Here are our in game thoughts and rapid reactions from the game.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

For the 100th time in the regular season, the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets faced off today, with the Jets again demolishing Miami, this time 38-20. It was another week of Miami needing the win to stay in the AFC Playoff picture,

First Half

  • First play of the game, Jets running back Chris Ivory breaks out for 16 yards. He had 166 yards in the Week 4 game between the two clubs. Miami has to find a way to stop Ivory if they are going to win this game. That first play does not add confidence to their ability to do that.
  • One play, and two Dolphins appear hurt already. Brice McCain and Jelani Jenkins both down.
  • Miami defense responds after the first play. Turnover on downs after the Jets try on 4th-and-inches. Miami's defensive line destroys the line of scrimmage and Reshad Jones is there for the tackle for a loss on Ivory. Much better after the first play. Have to keep that up the rest of the game.
  • Dolphins go three-and-out, and two more injuries. Rishard Matthews got crushed on the third-down play, and is clearly in pain. Jarvis Landry was called for offensive pass interference on the play for a pick, and is now limping.
  • Matt Darr with the great punt and Bobby McCain downs it at the three. Miami has to be better on special teams this week.
  • Jelani Jenkins back on the field. Looks like he is dealing with the ankle injury, but is back playing. Brice McCain has returned as well.
  • Jordan Phillips with the pass deflection! Forces Jets to punt. Phillips needs to see a lot of playing time the rest of the year.
  • Brent Grimes back to return this punt. With the injuries to Landry, Dolphins looking to give him less responsibilities. Do not normally see the Pro Bowl cornerback back there.
  • Great play from Tannehill on first down. Stood in the pocket despite pressure and found Lamar Miller for the first down.
  • Rishard Matthews heading for the locker room. Not a good sign. Matthews came into the game Miami's leading receiver in yards and touchdowns.
  • DeVante Parker getting early snaps with the Matthews injury. Need him to see plenty of playing time the rest of the year as well.
  • Tannehill with the ugly interception. Miami drove down into the redzone, before Tannehill just did not put the ball in front of the crossing Kenny Stills, and the route was undercut by Marcus Williams, who picks it off.
  • Mike Pouncey, Miami's Pro Bowl center, has been carted to the locker room with a right foot injury. He is questionable to return.
  • The Dolphins run defense is stepping up. After the 16 yard carry to start the game, Ivory has 5 carries for 6 yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick has picked up 12 yards on 3 rushes.
  • Touchdown Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brandon Marshall for 17 yards. Jets 7-0.
  • Kickoff out of bounds on the Jets and the Dolphins will get the ball at their 40-yard line - which is actually the worst starting position of the day so far.
  • Jamil Douglas in at center for the Pouncey injury.
  • Excellent field position, and Dolphins back up thanks to a chop block call on Jordan Cameron. Miami punting, again.
  • Jets three-and-out. Grimes again punt returning. Nice pickup of 11 yards.
  • Earl Mitchell hops off the field on the play before the Jets punt. That's now 6 Dolphins players who have had some sort of issue so far.
  • Dolphins three-and-out.
  • Jets five-and-out.
  • Dolphins five-and-out.
  • Jets three-and-out.
  • Jordan Phillips to the locker room with an apparent injury. Because...well, that is this type of game.
  • Dolphins six-and-out.
  • Dolphins game always become a punt-fest, with both teams taking part, for some strange reason.
  • Bilal Powell is looking to spark the running game for the Jets. That is three quick handoffs for 24 yards. He has nearly reached Ivory's yardage with half the carries. Miami's defense needs to shut that down quickly.
  • Apparently today is going to be all about the good Fitzpatrick.
  • Touchdown Jets. Fitzpatrick to Devin Smith for 16 yards. Jets 14-0.
  • Halftime.

Second Half

  • Dolphins get the ball to start the second half.
  • Miami is 0-for-22 on 3rd and 4th down this year against the Jets, so 3rd-and-17 should not be a problem, right? Make it 0-for-23.
  • 55 yard punt from Matt Darr. 58 yard return. by Jeremy Kerley. Darr boomed the punt, but out kicked the coverage, and everything set up beautifully for the Jets.
  • Bilal Powel is just crushing Miami at this point.
  • Fitzpatrick is taking it to the Miami defense. 3-for-4 for 20 yards and a touchdown along with 10 rushing yards on the drive. Fitzpatrick to Eric Decker for the 2-yard score. Jets 21-0.
  • Dolphins in 3rd-and-9. Don't worry, though, they continue the streak to 0-for-24 on 3rd- or 4th-down against the Jets this year. Oh, and now the Jets are challenging the play, hoping Antonio Cromartie comes away with the interception.
  • It's a good thing Darrelle Revis is not playing. The Dolphins are having such a great passing day without him. (14-for-28 for 103 yards and a pick at this point, an average of 3.6 yards per passing play).
  • Refs rule incomplete pass stands. Still Jets get ball on Dolphins punt.
  • Jelani Jenkins down, again. Comes off the field with help from the trainers, and he can barely put any weight on his left ankle.
  • Olivier Vernon with the sack, and the Dolphins force a punt from the Jets.
  • Good return from Brent Grimes on the return. 28 yards up the sideline, including a hurdle over some players. Very nice. Now, will the Miami defense be able to put anything together?
  • The Dolphins make a great play for the first down, with Tannehill buying time in the pocket, Jarvis Landry coming back to the ball, and working his way back across the line for a first down - except there's the penalty flag for holding on Douglas.
  • Wow! A third down conversion! The first in 25 tries for Miami, and it's a tip-toe 12 yard gain from Tannehill to Parker. That's his third reception on the game as well.
  • Tannehill to Jarvis Landry for 40 yards! Miami inside the 10 yard line and finally threatening to score.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Tannehill to Landry! Jets 21-7.
  • Ouch. Brandon Marshall again torches Brent Grimes. Hesitation move makes Grimes come up and grab him, only to have Marshall rip pas him and pick up 47 yards on a deep pass.
  • Wow, Grimes almost came back and made the acrobatic pick on the next play, but just can't get a full grip on the ball.
  • Touchdown. Fitzpatrick with the jump ball to Marshall, with Grimes unable to do anything about it. Jets 28-7.
  • Dolphins punting again after Kenny Stills alligator arms a pass that would have given the team a first down.
  • And there is Chris Ivory, busting through for a 31 yard gain and a touchdown. Jets 35-7.
  • Touchdown! Tannehill works the ball down the field, picking up good yardage through the air and finds Greg Jennings for the score. Of course, it's garbage time at this point, but it makes the score Jets 35-14.
  • Landry with the onside kick recovery!
  • Then Tannehill fumbles on a sack and the Jets recover.
  • Jets field goal. Jets 38-14.
  • Ryan Tannehill has now gone over 50 pass attempts for the game. That is never a good sign, especially when this team HAS to run the ball more.
  • TOUCHDOWN! DeVante Parker works his way down the sideline for a 33 yard touchdown. First score for the rookie. Miss on the 2-point conversion. Jets 38-20.
  • Onside kick goes out of bounds. Jets kill the clock.

Final Score

Miami 20 - Jets 38

Final Thoughts

This game was nothing but ugly. Nine injuries in the first half, plus another couple in the second. A bad interception from Tannehill. Penalties. Brent Grimes unable to do anything against Brandon Marshall. Just nothing working for Miami. The Dolphins have to figure out what is happening in every aspect of every game and get it fixed. Dan Campbell is still interviewing for his job next year, and he is not going to give up on the team over the last five weeks of the season, but the team simply is not executing on game day. Bill Lazor is still the weak point on the coaching staff, and the team cannot sustain a running game.

There are a ton of things that have to be fixed for this Dolphins squad, and none of it, unfortunately, appears to be something that can be fixed quickly. The injuries all over the place, to include Mike Pouncey and Rishard Matthews, seriously hurt any chances the Dolphins had in the game, but even with all of those guys at 100-percent, the Jets simply were a more physical team than Miami, and the Dolphins melted away.

The Dolphins started the game with repeated great field position, and repeatedly did nothing with it. Even when the game was close, the Dolphins could not run the ball. The team finished the game with just 9 carries for 12 yards. It moves them to 0-7 on the season in games in which Miller does not have at least 13 carries this year.

Landry is still a beast, going for 135 yards on 10 receptions with a touchdown. Jay Ajayi looks like he is going to be good once the team starts trusting him to run the ball. Brent Grimes can return punts.