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Dolphins at Jets predictions of final score; Add your predictions

The Phinsider contributors are back with their predictions of the final score for the Miami Dolphins at New York Jets. We also give you a chance to make your own prediction for this game.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins head to MetLife Stadium this weekend to face the New York Jets in the second meeting between the two AFC East division rivals. The Jets beat Miami in Week 4 in a game in London, coming away with the 27-14 victory. Now, Miami, with an interim head coach in place, will look to even the season series against the Jets.

Each week, we ask our Phinsider contributors for their predictions of the Miami Dolphins' upcoming opponent. We then ask you to add your predicted final score to our CrowdsLine prediction widget.

James McKinney
MIA 21 - NYJ 17

This is the week (hope, hope, hope, fingers crossed) that Lazor realizes that we HAVE TO run the ball, most especially when the defense is giving it to us. If that happens and they take a little stress off the defense we win this game.

Kevin "Kdog92" Dolney
MIA 20 - NYJ 14

A winnable game for the Dolphins. The Dolphins have to realize the best way to win is get Lamar Miller going on the ground. I don't know if Lazor is just trying to be cute with his play calling or not, but I think my 8 year old nephew could call a better game then Lazor at the moment. The defense will be able to keep us in the game, which was surprising last week with all the injuries. I think this is a game where Suh will wrekc havoc on the Jets o-line. This all comes down to the Dolphins offensive-line. You can argue the line lost us the game last week by killing the momentum with stupid penalties (looking at you Jason Fox). In the end though, I see the Dolphins winning this game somehow.

Alex Parish
MIA 17 - NYJ 14

At 4-6, the Miami Dolphins are miraculously still in the playoff picture, but only just. If the Dolphins are to save their season, this is the game to do it. One of the team's biggest problems against the Jets came in stopping Chris Ivory from gaining yards on the ground in London. The team must do that, and more by protecting Tannehill from the blitz and making sure it's 'Miller-time' and not 'Miller-lite'. Miami's erratic form and the fact that they have lost their last six games against AFC rivals makes this a risky prediction, but I'm going for Miami. The players and coaches know they need to win.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
MIA 10 - NYJ 19

Picking the Dolphins to get swept by the Jets. This is officially rock bottom boys and girls. I don't even want to talk about it, can we just pretend that this season didn't happen?

MIA 21 - NYJ 17

I'll save my predictions for the comment section.

Kevin Nogle
MIA 24 - NYJ 17

Ryan Tannehill is 3-0 in MetLife Stadium. Somehow, the Dolphins always seem to be able to put it together against the Jets in New Jersey. That continues this weekend, with Miami coming out on top and starting to climb out of the AFC East cellar.

Your Predictions

SB Nation is tracking how well each team's blog predicts their scores throughout the season, with all of the managing editors hoping to gain bragging rights. Right now, we have finally moved out of last place among the 32 NFL blogs, putting Bleeding Green Nation in the bottom spot. Will this week push us ahead of Niners Nation in the 30th position?>