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Dolphins heading back to England in 2016? Maybe. Maybe not.

The NFL will announce the 2016 International Series teams tomorrow. Jay Ajayi has a conference call with the UK media shortly after the announcement. Does one and one equal Miami in London for the third straight year?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins may have to make sure their passports run through the 2016 season as rumors swirl that the team could be headed to a third-straight International Series game. The Dolphins have played in London's Wembley Stadium each of the past two years, as a visitor against the Oakland Raiders in 2014 and as the home team against the New York Jets this year.

The league is expected to release the International Series matchups Wednesday. Lending credence to the rumors of another trip to the United Kingdom is a scheduled conference call for Dolphins rookie running back Jay Ajayi, who will talk to the British media less than an hour after the scheduled announcement from the NFL.

If Miami is selected to be in London again next year, they would likely be the away team. It would mark the fourth trip "across the pond" for the South Florida franchise, who played in the inaugural game in 2007 as well, losing to the New York Giants that year 13-10. Miami beat the Raiders in 2014, 38-14. This season, the Jets beat Miami 27-14.

At this point, rumors seem to indicate the Dolphins would face the Cincinnati Bengals at Wembley Stadium. There will also be a game played at London's Twickenham Stadium next season, the first International Series game not at Wembley.

UPDATE (11:06am ET): Multiple media reports have indicated league or other sources have said these rumors are false. The league will still announce the teams in the International Series tomorrow, but that the Dolphins-Bengals game is not expected to be among those. Ajayi's press conference is still scheduled, but is, according to these same reports, scheduled because the Birtish media has requested to speak with the London born Dolphins rookie.