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Cowboys at Dolphins halftime report: Defense dominated first half, offenses score in final two minutes

The defenses of the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys have dominated most of the game so far, but a touchdown drive from both offenses ends the first half.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys have reached halftime in a defensive struggle featuring six punts already - though Dallas may have found their offensive rhythm at the end of the second quarter. The Cowboys have a 14-7 lead after an interception was returned for a touchdown on a pass in which Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not see linebacker Rolando McClain underneath a Greg Jennings route and a 31-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Terrance Williams. Miami scored with 16 seconds remaining in the half to pull back to within one score.

Both teams struggled to do anything with the ball most of the half, with Dallas gaining just 97 yards before their touchdown drive gained 93 yards.  Miami had just 68 yards in the first half until the 54-yard touchdown possession leaving just 16 seconds in the half.

Romo is 9-for-16 for 132 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception on the day, while Tannehill is 4-for-12 for 71 yards, with a score and interception as well. Darren McFadden has 12 carries for 33 yards for the Cowboys, while Lamar Miller has five carries for 38 yards for Miami.

Five players in the game have two receptions, three for Dallas and two for Miami. The Cowboys have Terrance Williams with 48 yards and a touchdown for his two receptions, Dez Bryant has 21 yards, and Gavin Escobar has 20 yards. The Dolphins have Jarvis Landry, with 50 yards, and Jordan Cameron, with 21 yards, catching two Tannehill passes each.

The Cowboys will get the ball to start the second half. Join us in discussing all the action in the comments below.