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Fantasy Football Week 11 start or sit advice :Matthew Stafford, Jason Witten, Joe Flacco, and Charles Clay

Our weekly fantasy football advice column.

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NFL teams all across the country spend Sunday morning preparing to take the field. Sunday morning for fantasy football players is a day of stress and decision making. Who is going to be that player that gets you over the top for the week? Which player who has been sitting on your bench is going to suddenly grab you a bunch of points this weekend?

Every Sunday, we try to give you a little assistance in making those decisions. Here are our Start/Sit recommendations for the weekend.


Quarterback: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions - Stafford has been a fantasy disappointment this year, but this week should be a different story. The Raiders give up a ton of fantasy points to quarterbacks, and everything about this game seems to scream shootout. The game being played in Detroit only helps solidify the fact that Stafford is a must start this week.

Running back: Jeremy Langford, Chicago Bears - There is a little risk in this choice, as Matt Forte is listed as questionable for the Bears this weekend, but with Chicago playing on Thanksgiving, the Bears will likely be cautious with their starting running back, especially given how well Langford has been playing. Charcandrick West (Kansas City Chiefs), who would be my start option if Forte were to start this week, demonstrated exactly how to have running back success against the Denver Broncos defense - it's all about touches. Getting away from the running game - or not including the running back in the passing game - crushes an offense; continue to feed the runner, even if he is struggling early, will get you success. The Bears have given Langford over 20 touches the last two weeks, and that should continue this week.

Wide receiver: Danny Amendola, New England Patriots - Julian Edelman is injured, and his targets have to go somewhere. Amendola makes a lot of sense as the option to see those extra passes come his way. Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski will also benefit from Edelman's injury, but Amendola should see the biggest jump in stats.

Tight end: Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys - If Tony Romo's return is going to be a success, it will likely be through Witten. Miami struggles with guarding tight ends, with Jordan Reed, Rob Gronkowski, Charles Clay, Delanie Walker, and Brent Celek all able to put up big stats against the Dolphins defense. Even if Romo has some rust on him, the chemistry he and Witten have from years of playing together should overcome it.


Quarterback: Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens - The St. Louis Rams were torched last week by Jay Cutler, but otherwise have been tough on opposing quarterbacks this year. Assuming last week was a fluke, the Rams should bounce back. Flacco looked back last week as well, including two interceptions. He typically bounced back from a bad game with a big one, but with the way this year has gone for the Ravens, there is no guarantee that trend continues.

Running back: Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins - Matt Jones is the top running back for the Redskins, no matter what the depth chart says. Jones seems to be a better fit in the Washington offense, and Morris should continue to lose touches to Jones. Last week was a good game for Morris, who gained 92 yards, but the fact that it takes the rushing total for the five preceding games combined for Morris' yardage to surpass 92 yards does not exactly instill confidence.

Wide receiver: James Jones, Green Bay Packers - Davante Adams has just about crushed any hope for fantasy value out of Jones this year. Jones was targeted twice last week, with no receptions. It's been six weeks since Jones' targets were more than two. Minnesota's defense is better than a lot of people realize, and Jones does not stand a chance of turning around a bad season.

Tight end: Charles Clay, Buffalo Bills - The Patriots' defense typically shuts down opposing tight ends. Clay has been targeted more than seven times twice this year, but seems to be disappearing from the Bills' offense over the past few weeks. He did have five receptions on six targets last week, but It's a matter of seeing him do good things two weeks in a row, and right now, he is not doing that.