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Colin Kaepernick to IR with shoulder injury; Dolphins fan out for the season

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been placed on injured reserve. It is always sad when a Dolphins fan has medical problems.

The San Francisco 49ers have placed quarterback Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Kaepernick, according to Schefter, has elected to have surgery on his shoulder, ending any chance of the benched quarterback from being able to return to the starting lineup. The next question becomes whether or not Kapernick will ever play in a 49ers uniform again.

As Miami Dolphins fans, we should always support a fellow Dolphins fan when he is having medical issues and/or may be on the verge of losing his job. As such, we all tip our Dolphins caps to you, Kaepernick, and hope you recover from your surgery.

(Absolutely any excuse to bring back these pictures, I will happily use.)

In all seriousness, Kaepernick's fall from grace has been meteoric and a move out of San Francisco may be exactly what he needs. If the 49ers were to cut their 2011 second-round draft pick after the season, it could lead to an interesting free agent bidding war. Kaepernick has a ton of talent, but everything around him in San Francisco stopped working, particularly without head coach Jim Harbaugh leading the team. Someone will decide they can fix whatever has been Kaepernick's problems this year, and they will sign him - possibly even as their starting quarterback. Rumors in the offseason and preseason this year included Kaepernick being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as recent speculation that teams like the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Texans could be interested.