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Dolphins vs Cowboys predictions of final score; Add your predictions

The Phinsider contributors are back with their predictions of the final score for the Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins. We also give you a chance to make your own prediction for this game.

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Every week, we ask our Phinsider contributors for their predictions of the Miami Dolphins' upcoming opponent. We then ask you to add your predicted final score to our CrowdsLine prediction widget. This week, we take a look at the Dolphins hosting the Dallas Cowboys in just the third game in Sun Life Stadium this season. Below you will find the predictions from our contributors, giving you both the final score and a little write up about why they picked that score. At the end of the article, make sure you add your prediction as well.

James McKinney
Dallas 20 - Miami 27

In games that are close or predicted to be close I normally pick the team with the better quarterback. On most days I would say that Tony Romo is a far better quarterback than Ryan Tannehill but Romo, if he plays, is returning from an injury. Also his second favorite target, behind Jason Whitten, Dez Bryant is still recovering from his injury. Those two factors should give Tannehill the edge this week. Speaking of Jason Whitten, the Dolphins will have to figure out a way to finally cover a tight end or even a not 100% Romo will find a way to dump the ball off to a guy that has proven for a long time to know how to get upfield and make huge plays. Either way I am picking Miami this week.

Kevin "Kdog" Dolney
Dallas 21 - Miami 24

I feel like Darren McFadden is going to run all over us. I also feel Ryan Tannehill is the better quarterback entering this game. Tony Romo may be back, but he is going to be rusty after missing several games. This is going to be a close one and if the Dolphins can get Lamar Miller going I think this is a win for the Dolphins. Hopefully we can keep Dez Bryant in check.

Alex Parish
Dallas 21 - Miami 27

In what is Tony Romo's first game back for the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Dolphins will have to put some considerable points on the board to keep up with Dallas. But watch out for the Dolphins defense; they put up 4 sacks against the Eagles last week, and will be looking to put up similar numbers in this home game. Miami win.

Brian "Turtle" Naidus
Dallas 17 - Miami 24

I can see Dallas starting to go on a run now that Romo is back but they also still have plenty of holes on both sides of the ball. Their 2-7 record showcases more issues than just their quarterback. The main reason I'm picking Miami is because this is the game that Miami will win to get back to .500. Then, when we beat the Jets next week we will start getting excited about the playoff posibilities only to finish the season 2-3 and probably end up at 8-8 again. I hate to be so bleek, but doesn't this happen every year? Miami played UNSTOPPABLE last game at home and I think they get off to a two score lead and hold off a late surge by Dallas to seal the victory. Contain Witten and Dez and this game will be all Miami. Otherwise Romo will remind us who the better QB is and he'll kill all playoff hope for good by Week 12.

Dallas 20 - Miami 27

The Dolphins win a wild one in Tony Romo's return. I'm seeing another late TD to seal the win for the Fish.

Chris "Duke" Early
Dallas 27 - Miami 24

I don't believe in this team yet. I need to see it to believe it.

Kevin Nogle
Dallas 21 - Miami 28

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is going to have rust on him, which missing seven weeks of play is going to do to anyone. The Dolphins have to take advantage of that, capitalizing on Romo's mistakes. Miami also needs to commit to the running game early, opening up the passing game for Ryan Tannehill. If they can get Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi rolling early, the Dolphins should find success.

Your Predictions

SB Nation is tracking how well each team's blog predicts their scores throughout the season, with all of the managing editors hoping to gain bragging rights. Right now, we are still in last place among the 32 NFL blogs, but we are slowly closing on Niners Nation to move out of the bottom spot. Will this week finally push us out of the final spot?