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NFL Trade deadline moves begin with Vernon Davis trade from SF to DEN

The NFL does not typically see a lot of movement at the trade deadline, but there have been a lot of rumblings this year. The first move appears to have happened.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
The NFL trade deadline is usually a quiet affair, with little movement among players. This year, there seems to be some talk that it could be a little more active, with whispers of potential deals or players on the trading block. The deadline is looming right now, with deals having to be made before 4pm ET Tuesday, and it appears moves are starting to be made.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the San Francisco 49ers have traded tight end Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos, swapping sixth and seventh round picks between the two clubs in 2016, as well as Denver giving the 49ers their sixth round pick in 2017.

The 49ers are currently 2-6 on the season, one game better than the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans in the race for the first overall draft pick next year. The Broncos are 7-0 and sitting as the top seed in the AFC through eight weeks.