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NFL trade deadline and rumors: Should Miami look at Joe Thomas or Alex Mack?

The NFL trade deadline is approaching. Could the Miami Dolphins be in the market for an offensive lineman?

The Miami Dolphins have struggled along their offensive line all season. The line play has gotten better over the last few weeks, but as the New England Patriots demonstrated on Thursday, Miami's line still needs to improve. If the Dolphins are serious about turning around this season, likely needing to win 6-7 of their remaining nine games to qualify for the Playoffs. they have to find a way to better protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill and better open running lanes for running back Laamr Miller. One quick fix could be to look around the league for a potential trade partner ahead of Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

Miami could be shoppers at this year's trade deadline, though in the NFL, there historically has not been a lot of movement around the deadline. Along with their already suspect offensive line play, the team may have lost starting right tackle Ja'Wuan James for an extended period after he injured his tow just four plays into the Patriots contest. Miami might be in desperate need for an offensive tackle, or someone to move to guard if Dallas Thomas becomes the right tackle option for the club.

A tackle and a center (who could be moved to guard or could allow center Mike Pouncey to be moved to guard) appear to be available, if a team is willing to pay the price, as multiple reports over the weekend have indicated the Cleveland Browns have been shopping tackle Joe Thomas and center Alex Mack. Those are two big name players who could absolutely fix an offensive line in need of some help.

They would also be expensive. Miami would have to be willing to send the Browns a high draft pick in 2016 to be able to land one of the two offensive linemen. It might not be worth the pick needed, especially if someone like Mack were to be obtained (he has a no-trade clause he would also have to waive), only to see him opt out of his contract after this season. There would have to be assurances that Miami would be able to keep Mack for longer than the last two months of this season before they would spend a high pick on him.

The trade deadline is officially 4pm ET Tuesday.

I doubt Miami would pursue either of these options, simply because of the cost, but they are available if the Dolphins want to make the move. Miami seems content to allow the younger players like Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner to develop, and adding a high proced veteran ahead of them could stunt that growth, though keeping Tannehill upright and un-injured might make it more of a consideration. Would you consider trading for Thomas or Mack? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments.