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NFL power rankings 2015 Week 11: Dolphins trying to rebound behind Suh, Ajayi performances

The Miami Dolphins are climbing back up (most) power rankings from around the internet this week.

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins made a fourth quarter comeback against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, giving them their fourth victory of the year. Heading into Week 11, the Dolphins find themselves a half-game under .500, and just one game out of the AFC Playoffs. Will they be able to make up the ground over the next seven weeks?

As we do every week, we spend part of Tuesday taking a tour around the internet to see how the Dolphins are being ranked in the latest set of NFL Power Rankings. Will the internet be kind to Miami after beating the Eagles 20-19?
Rank: 17
Change +3

Miami got a big win on the road in Philadelphia this week to keep pace in the tough AFC East. The Dolphins have been inconsistent over the last few weeks but still have enough talent on offense with Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller and Jarvis Landry to make things interesting. The emergence of Jay Ajayi as a weapon for Miami could be a boon for the team down the stretch and keep Miller fresh.
Rank: 14
Change: +5

"Wait ... they won?!" -- A half-million Dolphin fans ... and maybe a pod or two of actual dolphins. That Jarvis Landry touchdown, coming when it did, in a game won by one point, was a gift from the Marks Brothers -- er, the Marx Brothers? Heckuva deal for Texan Dan Campbell, who's gone from bodybuilder to savior to It was fun while it lasted, man to leading a team that is suddenly in the thick of the wild-card race. Thank you, Bills and Vikings.

Rank: 18
Change +2

Lamar Miller has scored a touchdown in five straight games, making him the first Dolphins player with such a streak since Ricky Williams in 2003. Miller had no touchdowns under Joe Philbin this season.

Yahoo Sports
Rank: 19
Change: +1

Rookie running back Jay Ajayi, a hot name before the draft, has played pretty well now that he's healthy. He has 89 yards on 11 carries in two games. Lamar Miller doesn't deserve to lose any playing time, but it'll be tough to keep Ajayi off the field. 19 +1
Rank: 19

Ndamukong Suh delivered his best performance of the season, recording a sack, three tackles for a loss and three quarterback hits in a road win over the Eagles.

Rank: 17
Change: +2

The Dan Campbell-to-Canton train is back on the tracks.

Washington Post
Rank: 17
Change: +5

The way Ndamukong Suh played Sunday in Philadelphia — that's the dominant player the Dolphins thought they were getting when they signed Suh to his mega-deal in free agency.

Rank: 21
Change: NC

-The Dolphins came back and got the victory over the Eagles and improved to 4-5. It’s tough to see them getting into contention, but after the way they started an 8-8 season would be a plus.

USA Today
Rank: 19
Change: +9

We'd wager it would take you a long time to guess Rishard Matthews leads them in receiving yards (647).

Business Insider
Rank: 22
Change: -3

Week 10 MVP: Ndamukong Suh dominated the Eagles on Sunday, with seven tackles, three hits to the quarterback, a sack, and three tackles for a loss.

One thing to know: The Dolphins rallied back from a 16-3 deficit on Sunday — their second double-digit comeback win of the year.

Rank: 18
Change: +3

We’re right in the middle of a pack of 4-5 teams here and really, you can rank them all about the same. I like the fact that these guys fulfilled my prediction that they’d beat the Eagles on the road, though, so they get the nod over a handful of the other Average Joes. 18 +3


Last Week: 21

Current Week: 18