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Dolphins at Eagles final score and recap: Rapid reaction as Dolphins beat Eagles

The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles have reached the end of their Week 10 contest, with the Dolphins coming out on top.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a Week 10 contest to keep themselves in the AFC Wildcard chase. Tonight and throughout the next few days, we will have plenty of analysis and recaps from the game, but here are the rapid reactions to the game, as it was happening:

First Half:

  • Good return from Damien Williams. Time for the Dolphins to open quickly and move the ball.
  • Hey, check that out. It's Greg Jennings. Was not sure he still was on the team.
  • 36 yard pass from Ryan Tannehill to Lamar Miller. Beautiful pass.
  • Dolphins starting to move the ball.
  • Oh, just kidding. Tannehill sacked and Miami settles for an opening field goal.
  • Brent Celek just torched the Dolphins defense. That was ridiculous.
  • Touchdown. Eagles 7 - Dolphins 3. Sam Bradford rolled to his right, Derrick Shelby attempted to chase by Bradford threw back across his body and found a WIDE open Josh Huff for the score.
  • Damien Williams just tried to stop in the endzone for the touchback, but awkwardly slid out of the endzone and Miami will now have the ball inside the one-yard line.
  • And, there's the obligatory safety allowed. Third week in a row the Dolphins have allowed a safety. First time since 1980 a team has done that. PHI 9 - MIA 3
  • Touchdown. Eagles immediately drives right back down the field. Ryan Mathews with the 1 yard touchdown run. PHI 16 - MIA 3
  • Brent Celek again beats the Dolphins defense down the sideline. Miami just does not seem to want to cover him.
  • Great series from Ndamukong Suh. Was all over the field. Stopped the Eagles drive.
  • Caleb Sturgis misses the field goal. Nice to be on this side of a Sturgis miss.
  • Dolphins finding a running game! Jay Ajayi with a 20 yard run!
  • And now an Ajayi run for 24 yards!
  • Dolphins in the redzone.
  • Owww. Ryan Tannehill just got crushed as he delivered the ball. Getting up slowly and it looks like he is feeling that hit.
  • Field goal. PHI 16 - MIA 10.
  • Dolphins block the Eagles' punt! Zach Vigil comes straight up the middle to get his hands on the ball. Miami starting at the Eagles' 12 yard line.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Ryan Tannehill to Lamar Miller for a 12 yard touchdown pass! PHI 16 - MIA 13
  • Punt fest to end the half.

Second Half

  • Eagles getting ball to start second half.
  • Ndamukong Suh just misses the sack as Bradford throws the ball away. He's been all over the place today. Great day for the All-Pro.
  • Rookie Bobby McCain with the deep pass breakup to force the Eagles to punt. Really was a great play, especially given he is a rookie.
  • Dolphins do not do anything with their drive either. Five plays, 18 yards. Punt.
  • Eagles Punt.
  • Dolphins Punt.
  • Great half of football. Drives of 6 plays (PHI, 5 plays (MIA), 4 plays (PHI), and 3 plays (MIA). We are in a punt fest at this point.
  • Chris McCain with the Dolphins' 4th sack of the day. Terrence Fede injured on the play. Sam Bradford injured.
  • Mark Sanchez coming into the game for the Eagles.
  • Oh, and it's punt time again. Eagles this time.
  • It may be nap time if these two teams don't figure out how to do something other than punt.
  • There we go! Tannehill to Rishard Matthews on a slant pattern and Matthews takes it 46 yards to the Eagles' 6-yard line to end the third quarter!
  • TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Jarvis Landry catches the tipped pass in the endzone and Miami has the lead! MIA 20-16
  • Jamar Taylor just leveled Jordan Matthews. Textbook hit in today's NFL running his shoulder through Matthews' ribs. Matthews is slow to get back up.
  • Eagles respond with a field goal. Now 20-19.
  • Miami needs to come out and end this now.
  • Nope. Punt time.
  • Eagles driving, and Miami has no answer. Sanchez looking good, finding Murray and Zach Ertz for 12 yards (Murray), 10 yards (Ertz), and 20 yards (Murray). Now at Dolphins 8 yard-line.
  • Never mind! Reshad Jones with the pick in the endzone! A Dolphins defender picking off Mark Sanchez? Seems right.
  • Dolphins move 26 yards, but cannot kill the clock. Matt Darr to punt for the eighth time.
  • Inside two minutes, with no time outs, Eagles looking to make it into field goal range.
  • 4th and 10. Can Miami defense end the game?
  • YES THEY CAN!!!! Six-yard gain and Miami gets the ball back!
  • Eagles have no time outs and there is 53 seconds remaining!
Final Score: Dolphins 20 - Eagles 19

Final thoughts:

DOLPHINS WIN!!!!! It was not always pretty, it was not easy, but it is a win and the Dolphins are now 4-5 and still alive in the playoffs. Now it is time to keep this momentum as the team finally returns home next week.