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Miami’s Quest to Stay Relevant

After the initial wins over Houston and Tennessee, under the tutelage of interim head coach Dan Campbell, Miami have since fallen way short against the superior Buffalo and New England teams. The question begs - can Miami stay relevant?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's an all too familiar situation watching a Miami team once again at a crossroads. It's been years since the team have been competitive. Competitive not in the sense of winning Championships, but competitive in the sense of actually going toe to toe against some of the better teams in the AFC Conference. You see, aspirations have fallen.

Yet once again, this team have failed to deliver. Once hyped prior to the start of the season, Miami have sacked their head coach and defensive coordinator in the hope that the season would be turned around. The initial results were good, and clearly the players were responding to the more physical methods that Campbell brought to the team.

However, sure enough, once the team faced quality opposition, that all came to a grinding halt. The same questions have come back. Whether it's a lack of ingenuity from the coaches, poor depth or a dearth of talent, serious questions are being raised within all facets of the organisation.

For all the new stadium renovations and investment in sports science, it means nothing.  Instead, winning means everything, especially in a city where the fans would rather take to the surf than watch a team fail to deliver under the midday sun. And who can blame them at present? Right now, fans don't care how the team wins - they can win ugly, they can win in style. All that matters is winning.

Whether Campbell stays on at the end of the season, or whether the team hire a new front office, head coach and back room staff, this franchise needs to stay relevant. Mr Ross, make it happen.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.