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Duke's Picks: Week Ten

Another week, another post of hot, hot, NFL takes. And picks.

This kind of sums it up doesn't it?
This kind of sums it up doesn't it?
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Quick takes edition. Record last week: 8-5

Buffalo at New York Jets

This should be a good matchup. Not that Miami fans care about either of these teams. Jets are home and get the advantage.

Jets 17 - Bills 14

Jacksonville at Baltimore

Jacksonville isn't as bad as people expected them to be. Baltimore is worse than people expected them to be. Baltimore is tough to beat at home however.

Ravens 24 - Jaguars 21

Detroit at Green Bay


Packers 31 - Detroit 14

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

This game is more interesting only because Roethlisberger isn't playing. They are still better than the Browns though.

Steelers 27 - Browns 21

Chicago at St. Louis

A feisty Chicago team faces off against a feisty Rams team. I like the Rams at home.

Rams 21 - Bears 17

Dallas at Tampa Bay

Which Matt Cassel shows up for this one?

Cowboys 24 - Buccaneers 17

Carolina at Tennessee

The Panthers are a good football team. The Titans are not a good football team.

Panthers 28 - Titans 17

New Orleans at Washington

This seems like the kind of game that the Saints would lose. But I can't take them over Washington.

Saints 27 - Redskins 21

Minnesota at Oakland

Another good matchup of surprisingly good teams. I like the Raiders at home.

Raiders 24 - Vikings 21

Kansas City at Denver

You don't want to watch this game for the offense.

Broncos 21 - Chiefs 20


New England at New York Giants

This just makes too much sense, right? If there's one team that knows how to somehow slow the Patriots down, it's the Giants.

Giants 24 - Patriots 21


Arizona at Seattle

Fun stat of the week: Ryan Tannehill has more touchdowns than the entire Seattle offense. Arizona is a better overall team right now.

Cardinals 21 - Seahawks 20

Houston at Cincinnati

The Bengals may be the best all-around team in the NFL right now. That'll be too much for Houston.

Bengals 28 - Texans 17

Miami at Philadelphia

Miami allowed 36 rushes, 266 yards, and 3 touchdowns from the Bills. The Bills have one receiver that is worth covering. Miami allowed him to catch 8 balls for 168 yards and a TD. Every other Bill who caught a pass gained a total of 13 yards. The reason Miami lost was because Ryan Tannehill is not a good enough QB to make his defense play beyond their abilities.

Eagles 58 - Miami (-10)

Duke's Overall Record: 78-54-0