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AFC Playoff Picture: Miami Dolphins rooting guide for Week 10

The Miami Dolphins are not out of the Playoff picture, so let us see how the AFC schedule for Week 10 needs to fall for Miami to be in their best possible position in Week 11.

The 2015 NFL Playoffs may be a longshot for the Miami Dolphins, but that does not mean they are completely unattainable. There is a lot that has to go right for Miami, but there are still eight games to be played and anything can happen. The Dolphins have had their own destiny in their hands the last couple of years, and failed to make the postseason, so this year, they need help - and maybe it will fall their way.

Below, you will find all of the AFC teams on the schedule in Week 10, as well as how you should be rooting to see the Dolphins in the best playoff position possible for Week 11.

Buffalo Bills (4-4) at New York Jets (5-3)
8:25pm, Thursday

Root for the league to find a way to disqualify both teams. Short of that, it is hard to actually figure out how this game needs to fall. Miami has already lost twice to the Bills, which means they immediately have the tie-break over Miami. The Dolphins still have a game to play against the Jets, so that will help some, but New York is two games ahead of Miami, so it may be more important to have them lose and drop to within a game of the Dolphins (assuming a win this week). Root for: Buffalo.

Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans (2-6)
1pm, Sunday

NFC team versus an AFC team, always root for the NFC team. The Panthers staying undefeated does not help the 1972 Undefeated Team, but Tennessee getting to three wins on the year, keeps them in the fight for the Playoffs. Root for: Carolina.

Miami Dolphins (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles
1pm, Sunday

Obviously, Miami needs the win. Root for: Miami.

Cleveland Browns (2-7) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4)
1pm, Sunday

This is another tougher game to decide. The Browns winning keeps them in the running for a post-season berth, but a win for Pittsburgh keeps them two wins ahead of Miami in the playoff chase. Keeping Cleveland in the running is the lesser of two evils. Root for: Cleveland.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) at Baltimore Ravens (2-6)
1pm, Sunday

Two AFC teams trying to find their way back into the Playoff race. Jacksonville holds the head-to-head tie-break over Miami, while the Dolphins still have to play the Ravens. Root for: Baltimore.

Minnesota Vikings at Oakland Raiders (4-4)
4:05pm, Sunday

NFC team versus an AFC team, always root for the NFC team. The Raiders are currently eighth in the AFC, a game ahead of Miami, so a loss by the Raiders clearly helps Miami. Root for: Minnesota.

New England Patriots (8-0) at New York Giants
4:25pm, Sunday

NFC team versus an AFC team, always root for the NFC team. The Dolphins are not going to make up five games on the Patriots this year, so this is all about just not seeing them go undefeated. Root for: New York.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-5) at Denver Broncos (7-1)
4:25pm, Sunday

Denver has a three game lead in the AFC West, and a four game lead over the Chiefs. Denver lost last week, to knock them from the unbeaten ranks, making it so they really have no bearing on the Dolphins' Playoff chances. The Chiefs climbing to 4-5 keeps them with the Dolphins in the Playoff hunt, where they are currently ahead of Miami based on AFC winning percentage (where a loss to the Broncos also impacts that tie break scenario). Root for: Denver.

Houston Texans (3-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (8-0)
8:30pm, Monday

Monday Night Football gives us another opportunity to root for an undefeated team to lose. That is not the way this one needs to fall, however, as the Texans losing helps Miami's Playoff chances. The Bengals getting to 9-0 is better than the Texans getting to 4-5 and staying with the Dolphins in the playoff hunt (even if Miami has the head-to-head tiebreak). Root for: Cincinnati.


If everything falls like this, the AFC Standings will be:

Bengals (9-0)
Patriots (8-1)
Broncos (8-1)
Colts (4-5)
Jets (5-4)
Bills (5-4)
Steelers (5-5)
Raiders (4-5)
Dolphins (4-5)
Chiefs (3-6)
Texans (3-6)
Jaguars (3-6)
Browns (3-7)
Ravens (2-7)
Chargers (2-7)
Titans (2-7)