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Lions vs Chiefs London Week 8 live chat

The NFL once again has a 9:30am ET game this week. Join the live discussion of the game here.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the third and final time this season, the NFL will bring us a 9:30 am ET game. The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets faced off in the morning time slot back in Week 4 and the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars took the timeslot last week. Today, the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs will take the field in the morning slot.

The NFL started the 9:30 am game last year, then decided to put all of this year's International Series game in that time slot.

The Lions and Chiefs have not started this season as either club had hoped, with Detroit 1-6 on the year and Kansas City 2-5. The Chiefs are currently favored by four points heading into kickoff.

Both teams will have their bye week in Week 9, following their trip to London.

You can use this thread to discuss the game. We will have other live thread to discuss the games later today.