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Strikes & Gutters Week 5

When's the draft again?

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

This will be short and sweet. Football season is quickly dying to me in record time. THANKS AGAIN DOLPHINS! Have we seriously become the Cleveland Browns? Last week I was at 65% percent. Keeping right around 70% for the season. LOOK!


The Chiefs Passing Game: The Bears suck.

Ronnie Hillman: The Raiders are pretty bad at tackling people, and C.J. Anderson doesn’t appear to be the same person this season.

Julian Edelman: I feel the Pats will be throwing the ball a LOT against the Cowboys this week.

Leonard Hankerson: The Redskins secondary is terrible. The Falcons like to throw a lot. This seems to be a logical conclusion here.

Courtesy Dolphins Start of the Week: NO ONE WE ARE ON BYE! Though the defense can’t get negative points.  Since the Dolphins are on bye my fifth Strike will be Keenan Allen.


Bears Passing Game: The Chiefs defense has been torched lately, but they don’t face Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning this week. Cutler’s good for a few picks in this one.

Seahawks RBs: The Bengals defense is pretty tough and the Hawks struggle on the Road. Lynch is banged up.

Ameer Abdullah: The Cardinals D is tough and Abdullah has been invisible lately.

Redskins RBs: I bet they get down big in a hurry. Even though the Falcons D is bad, they won’t be running the ball much, plus they split carries.

Jason Witten: Look elsewhere for TE this weekend.

There you have it short and sweet. When the Dolphins are this bad, bye weeks are cause for celebration.

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.