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Dolphins get physical at first Dan Campbell practice

Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell held his first practice Wednesday. He said he wanted a more aggressive, physical team, and, if the media availability portion of the practice was a true sample of how the workout went, he is walking the walk.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have spent the last four seasons as a finesse team, one that relied on speed and agility more than pure power. That may be changing in a hurry under interim head coach Dan Campbell. Two days after being named to the position, Campbell held his first team practice on Wednesday, and it was perfectly clear these are not Joe Philbin practices any more.

The Dolphins, like most teams, only open a small portion of the workout to the media, but during that time, the team was clearly getting physical. Campbell had the team line up and conduct the infamous Oklahoma drill, with two players lining up and, on the whistle, hitting each other with the goal of tackling or pushing the other player out of the drill area. The goal was clearly to send a signal to the team - and the media - that things really are different in Davie today.

The physical nature of the practice was sure to heat some tempers, and it did. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry and safety Cedric Thompson got into a shoving match which escalated briefly into a multiple player scrum, but was broken up fairly quickly.

Multiple media members all commented on the increased physicality and intensity of the practice on Twitter: