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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Dolphins tumbling toward the bottom

Our weekly tour of the internet, collecting NFL Power Rankings reflects what we all already know: the Miami Dolphins are down near the bottom of the list.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Firing your head coach after a dismal Week 4 performance, which was preceded by three other bad (or worse) performances, does not exactly convey a positive feeling for an NFL franchise. That is exactly the situation in which the Miami Dolphins find themselves now, relieving Joe Philbin of his head coach responsibilities and turning the team over to former tight ends coach turned interim head coach Dan Campbell. With that situation unfolding, you would expect the Dolphins to tumble in this week's NFL Power Rankings, and, wouldn't you know it, you do have to scroll for a while to find Miami on most of the rankings around the web.

SB Nation
Rank: 27
Change: -2

The Dolphins' trip to the UK was not a pleasant one, and upon return, head coach Joe Philbin was fired. They appear to be in complete disarray, and generally, interim head coaches don't solve all that much for teams that fire their coaches midseason.

Mile High Report
Rank: 25
Change: -4

The Miami Dolphins are not very good and their coach has paid the price for it. I don't really care for the Dolphins though, so let me chuckle at their failure for a few moments.

Rank: 30
Change: -7

The Dolphins have been outscored by a league-worst 34 points in the first quarter this season. Their only score in the first quarter this season was a field goal against the Jaguars.
Rank: 27
Change: NC

The Joe Philbin era is over.The Dan Campbell era has begun -- on an interim basis, of course. Last time I saw Campbell, he was sporting Sammy Hagar "OU812" hair and catching a touchdown pass in Texas Stadium vs. the Chiefs. The tight end-turned-head coach now faces the challenge of leading an AFC East squad that has both games left against the Patriots, as well as road tests vs. the Bills and Jets. Miami might go 0-6 in the division. One month ago, many analysts had this team challenging New England.

Yahoo! Sports
Rank: 24
Change: -4

I don't know if interim coach Dan Campbell will make much of a difference. But I do know Joe Philbin wasn't going to turn it around. (Michigan)
Rank: 23
Change: -3

It took just four games for the Dolphins to fire coach Joe Philbin.

Rank: 26
Change: -9

In the last two days, the Dolphins were smpoked by the Jets, flew back from London, fired their head coach and had their quarterback exposed (reportedyly) as a bully who needed to be defended by said head coach. Impressive stuff.

Rank: 23
Change: -7

And now comes the artificial improvement as players hope to help the interim head coach keep the job, so they can then go back to underachieving.

Rank: 29
Change: -6

This has to be one of the biggest surprises as the Dolphins looked like a lock for a .500 record or better at the start of the season, and now they look like they will be lucky to win 4 games. Miami has already fired their head coach, but their issues go beyond that so don’t expect a quick turn around.

Bleacher Report

What's Good?: When a team fires its head coach midseason, there is often numerous reasons and none of them are good. At the very least, the Miami Dolphins staff finally started to integrate wide receiver Kenny Stills, whom the organization traded for in the offseason, into the offense. Stills caught a season high five passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Granted, his production came when the team was desperate and down in the second half, but at least Stills is no longer missing in action.

What's Bad?: If anyone hasn't heard, the team dismissed head coach Joe Philbin Monday after its 27-14 loss to the New York Jets in London. Any time a coach is fired at this point in the season, it's problematic. Obviously, something went so wrong the owner decided it was more important to immediately make the move instead of waiting until after the regular season ends. Tight end coach Dan Campbell received the promotion to interim head coach. This is the point where the team can rally around their new coach or fall completely apart.

What's Next?: The Dolphins are one of four teams—including the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets—on a bye during Week 5.

The Washington Post
Rank: 27
Change: -6

The firing of Joe Philbin as the team’s coach Monday was justified, given the Dolphins’ 1-3 record this season and Philbin’s failure to reach the playoffs in any of his previous three seasons. But anyone who expects things to turn around abruptly under Philbin’s interim replacement, Dan Campbell, probably isn’t being realistic.

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