The addition of Tannenbaum has made a .500 team into a .333 team.

I have never coached a down in the NFL but even I can pick out the problems with the Dolphins. In general, you either get the right players to fit your strategy or adjust your strategy to fit your players. It looks like the Dolphins are doing neither.

The Dolphins decided to go after the best FA this past offseason by signing N. Suh. However, their defensive coordinator,Kevin Coyle, plays defensive tackles in a two gap technique as oppose to the one gap technique Suh is known for.

In a two gap technique the defensive tackle lines up directly in front of the offensive lineman and his main responsibility is to occupy the lineman to allow speedy LB to make a play. Almost any big NFL sized tackle can play 2 gap DT. They are there to occupy space and not known for making plays.

Suh is the rare DT that excels at playing one gap technique and responsible for disrupting the backfield and either tackling the runner or sacking the QB. The goal of this technique is for the DT to make a play and not merely occupy space and thus it requires a DT with unusual athletic talent.

As for the Dolphins, there must have been some type of communication between defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and the front office in which he knew that in order for Suh to be successful and thus the Dolphins’ defense to be successful he would have to implement a one gap system. Given that the LBs are one of the weakest links in the Dolphin's defense, the team on paper looks more suited for a one gap system. It is clear that they did not do that and insisted on playing two gap technique. On the surface, Kevin Coyle is responsible. However, the buck stops at Joe Philbin. In reality, I think both are scapegoats for Tannenbaum whom made the decision to sign Suh. If Tannenbaum was a good GM, he would have got a guarantee from Kevin Coyle to adjust his defense. If Kevin Coyle was adamant about his two gap system, then Tannenbaum should have got him some speady LBs instead of a superstar one gap DT. Or he should have fire Coyle and got a defensive coordinator who would get the best out of the players Tannenbaum put on the field. I don’t really see a scenario where Kevin Coyle became insubordinate. If he was, then it was still Tannenbaum's responsibility to relieve him of his responsibilities.

Although I think Tannenbaum is to blame, I can understand in the above scenario people blaming Coyle and Philbin. However, when you look at the offseason in totality then things become much more clearer.

On offense, the Dolphins have had one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Tannehill has been among the most sacked QBs the past three years and they can’t consistently run the ball. The number one goal this offseason would have been to fix it either through free agency or through the draft. However, the Dolphins did neither. Instead, they headed into the season with two untested guards, an injury prone LT (Branden Alberts) and a 2nd year RT (J. James). Granted they gave Pouncey a nice contract but they did nothing to actually improve the line. The front office’s responsibility is to get the best players that fit the system and improve the team. Thus, Tannenbaum is responsible for starting the season with one of the worst offensive line.

They chose to turn over the receiving corp. which was actually one of the most productive parts of the team. On the surface, I completely disagree with the philosophy. The passing game was probably one of the best parts of the team and it does not make sense to start fresh. However, letting go of Mike Wallace, an established deep threat, for more possession receivers makes sense because Tannehill’s strength is short and intermediate passes. BUT it makes absolutely no sense for Bill Lazor to start the season having Tannehill throw more deep balls when you have turned the receivers over to take advantage of his short and intermediate passing ability. As with the Suh signing and the insistent of Kevin Coyle to play him out of position, Bill Lazor is doing exactly the the same thing with Tannehill. It is the opposite of what the front office provided for him. Is he being subordinate or is Tannenbaum not communicating with him? What is more ridiculous than throwing deep balls to possession receivers with QB that is bad at throwing deep balls is having him do it behind one of the worse offensive line with virtually no running game. Actually, we don’t know much about the Dolphins’ running game because they don’t really give it a fighting chance during the game.

In my opinion, the front office needs to go, especially Tannenbaum. I did not even get to talking about other positions of need. The Dolphins heading into the offseason were weak at LB and CB. Neither positions were addressed. Why? It does not make any sense. Instead, the front office gutted the receiving corp on a team with one of the best passing attacks and gutted the defensive line. To address a weak, inexperienced LB corp. they signed three undrafted free agents. To address the CB, they signed a cast away CB from Pittsburg and lower round draft picks. Is that the coaches’ fault as well?

And what about Dennis Hickey? Why the heck was he brought in? They should have at least given him a chance. I don't blame him because his power was usurped by Tannenbaum. If I was in charge, I would fire everyone except Dennis Hickey. But that is another story.

Again, you either get players to fit your strategy or change your strategy to fit your players. The Dolphins did neither. Now, the person actually responsible for the demise of the Dolphins still has a job and now the Dolphins have downgraded their head coaching position by Tannenbaum picking a 39 year old TE coach to lead the team. A person who has learned his coaching acumen from a fired Tony Sparano and the recently fired Joe Philbin. I am sorry Campbell playing for the Giants, Cowboys and Saints does not qualify for coaching experience.

The proof is in the pudding. Tannenbaum has taken a .500 team and turned it into a .333 team. They have talent but they don’t fit together

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