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Jets vs Dolphins final score: Miami once again dominated; Rapid Reactions

The Miami Dolphins were once again dominated from the opening snap of a game. This week, it was at the hands of the New York Jets.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are once again on the wrong side of a lopsided contest, this time falling to the New York Jets. We give you a summary of the game and our immediate thoughts from the 27-14 beatdown.

First Quarter

  • So much for a fast start. Possession 1: Drop, 13-yard run, incomplete, no-gain run, penalty, screen, punt. Yeah, that is not exactly going to crush anyone.
  • Well, the Jets figured out this fast start thing: 58-yard bomb to Brandon Marshall followed by a 12-yard run thena  2-yard touchdown run. 7-0 Jets.
  • Dolphins second possession was more efficient than the first drive. Only took them three plays to get to the punt this time.
  • Jets immediately move down the field again - but the defense actually held them to a field goal. I guess that's better.
  • Brice McCain broke up a pass to Brandon Marshall. Yes, Brice McCain.
  • Three-and-out. The opening pass went backwards as the pressure got to quarterback Ryan Tannehill so it was a fumble recovered by Miami for minus 10 yards. Kenny Stills did pick up 13 yards on the second down play, but an incomplete on third down made sure Matt Darr got his chance to kick again.
  • A DEFENSIVE STOP! Who knew?!?
  • Brent Grimes questionable to return with a knee injury. Things just keep getting worse.
  • Matt Moore with the best tackle of the day so far, taking down Jarvis Landry as the wide receiver ran out of bounds on the punt return.

Second Quarter

  • Sack on second down bring up 3rd-and-19, so the Dolphins will have to look deep, right? How about a pass to the line of scrimmage for Jordan Cameron? Stunningly, it does not pick up 19 yards and Miami will have to punt.
  • Jelani Jenkins now on the sideline with a stinger. That should help the defense.
  • Eric Decker makes his presence felt with a one hand snag deep for 26 yards.
  • Field goal Jets. 13-0.
  • Jarvis Landry with the 14 yard run. Then a positive pass play. Wow. Miami moves in the right direction on two consecutive plays.
  • Two straight defensive pass interference calls and Miami has 1st and goal.
  • AND TOUCHDOWN! Ryan Tannehill fakes the toss, rolls out, and finds Jake Stoneburner in the back of the endzone.
  • Defense struggles against run, but then Jets go to the pass and Ryan Fitzpatrick does nothing. Jets punt.
  • Beautiful third down play from Ryan Tannehill, who some how avoids the pressure, rolls out, keeps looking down the field and finds Greg Jennings. Spot comes up just short of the first down. Miami punting again.
  • Dolphins defense is still not able to do anything. The Jets, even with Ryan Fitzpatrick struggling to be consistent, just do whatever they want.
  • Touchdown Jets. 20-7.
  • Fireman Ed's picture should be in the dictionary next to "Bandwagon."
  • Dolphins get ball back with 33 seconds in the half. Punting 16 seconds later.
  • Jets take a knee and it's - thankfully - half over.

Third Quarter

  • Jets get ball to start the half.
  • The Dolphins nearly sack Ryan Fitzpatrick, but let him run for a first down instead.
  • And there goes Chris Ivory for 24 yards. Yeah, looks like there were some great adjustments done in halftime.
  • Missed tackles. Missed tackles. Missed tackles.
  • Touchdown Jets. 27-7.
  • 3rd and 5...two yard pass. Yep. Seems right. Incomplete on 4th down. Jets ball.
  • Hey, the Dolphins held the Jets to no points on a drive! Of course, it was because Nick Folk missed the field goal, but it was still no points.
  • Dolphins going for it on 4th down - incomplete deep ball. Turn over on downs.
  • Hey, Zack Bowman with the interception. That's a positive. Miami first and 10 at the Jets' 43 yard line.
  • Oh, nevermind. Muhammad Wilkerson crushes Ryan Tannehill on the next play. Wilkerson was not fooled by a fake pitch and was not blocked.
  • 3rd-and-17. Jets blitz, Tannehill runs for his life, throws the ball away. Matt Darr on to punt.
  • I looked it up, the record for punts in a single game is 16 back in 1988 by Leo Araguz for the Oakland Raiders. Matt Darr has 7 through the first three quarters.

Fourth Quarter

  • The fourth quarter starts with me wondering why I did not plan for beer for this game. 9:30 am ET kickoffs seems too early for beer...but I didn't add in the Dolphins factor to that calculation. I've got to do better.
  • How many times do we have to see Ryan Fitzpatrick escape a sack and run for a first down?
  • Ndamukong Suh blasts through the offensive line and makes a stop in the backfield. Didn't think Kevin Coyle had that play in the playbook.
  • Touchdown Dolphins! Ryan Tannehill to Kenny Stills!
  • And now the Jets are forced to punt. Jarvis Landry with the return. There is no denying that guy wants to win this game. He goes all out on every single play, and he is pumped. If only the rest of the team could get that same motivation and determination.
  • Calvin Pryor is rolling around on the ground in obvious pain. It does not look good for the Jets safety.
  • TOUCHDOWN Offensive pass interference on DeVante Parker on a rub route. Looking at the replay, that was a questionable call. Yes, Parker touched the defender on the pick, but it was not a true, full, pick. Back up the Dolphins and they will now be going for goal from the 12 yard line.
  • Darrelle Revis pick on 4th-and-goal. Landry tripped over Revis' feet and fell while Revis made the play in the endzone. Landry then called for unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing the non-call after the play.
  • Derrick Shelby made a ridiculous strip of Chris Ivory. Somehow, as Ivory was tackled, Shelby ended up with the ball in his arms. It went under review, though. And the play was reversed. Damn.
  • This team is fighting, though. They have not rolled over and given up like they did last week against the Buffalo Bills.
  • A punt from New York and the Dolphins are back in possession. They are moving the ball down the field again, aided by a beautiful pass from Tannehill to Stills on a 33-yard gain. Tannehill was flushed from the pocket and threw on the run to make the play. Stills, though, needs to get out of bounds on the play.
  • Tannehill picked off in the endzone on fourth down (again) and the Jets will end the game.

This was a miserable game, but the Dolphins do show a little fight in themselves, trying to come back. Jarvis Landry was clearly willing the team back into the contest, but it was unsuccessful. Now, at 1-3, the Dolphins will have a lot of questions to answer during this year's bye week.