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What NFL game will I get on TV in Week 8?

The NFL's television schedule for Week 8.

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The NFL's television schedule for Week 8.The Miami Dolphins played on Thursday Night Football this weekend, a game in which they were blown out by the New England Patriots. The bad news, of course, was the fact that the Dolphins had to face the Patriots on a short week in Foxboro. The good news is, we now have a full Sunday of football to watch and forget about that Thursday night misery. Which games will you get this weekend? Let's check out to find out.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this to the original post. There is a 9:30am ET game this week as well. The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs will faceoff from London in the third of the International Series contests this year.

Fox is carrying the double-header this weekend, while CBS will have three early game option, plus late game replacing their early slot. The Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers game will be seen throughout most of the country during the CBS early slot, including all of Florida except in Tampa, which will not have an early game. The San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens game will be seen on CBS in the Baltimore/Washington DC areas, as well as southern California. Most of Texas, except the Dallas area, will pick up the Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans, as well as all of Tennessee. CBS will not air an early game in Northern California, northern Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, Minnesota, New Orleans, Atlanta, Cleveland, and most of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Massachusetts, as well as Tampa. All of those markets will receive the New York Jets at Oakland Raiders in the late slot.

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The Fox early games are split fairly well into regional contests. The Northeast, from mid-Virginia up through Maine, as well as the area from Mississippi west to southern California and north to Utah, Colorado, and into Wyoming, will all see the New York Giants at New Orleans Saints (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Houston will not get an early game on Fox). The southeast including most of Florida, will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons game (Miami and West Palm Beach will have the Giants at Saints game). Northern California and most of Missouri will see the San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams contest. Arizona, the Northeast, eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio will have the Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns game. Indiana west through the Dakotas and Nebraska will air the Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears game.

The late game on Fox will be seen across the whole country, except in the San Francisco area, and will feature the Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys.

You can check out the full graphical representation of the games on