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Dan Campbell: Loss of Cameron Wake is 'gonna hurt'

Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell spoke with the media Friday. Here is the transcript of that press conference.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

(On how big the loss of DE Cameron Wake is and how he will be replaced)  -- "Yeah it's big. It's real big. Like I said yesterday, Cam is a very, very productive player for us and he is one of our captains, one of our team leaders, guys look up to him and it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt. Now what I would say is this, we are fortunate to have a guy like Derrick Shelby who can step into that role and help us out there among others. But it's a big loss. He's gonna be missed."

(On if he needs more pass rush from DE Olivier Vernon)  -- "Yeah, I mean all those guys will pick up the slack for Cam or help us where we had production from Cam. Those guys will all, we still got guys that can rush the passer. You got Suh (Ndamukong Suh) and OV (Olivier Vernon) and Shelby (Derrick Shelby and Chris McCain could possibly fill some of that role and Earl Mitchell. So we've got enough guys."

(On an injury update on T Ja'Wuan James and WR DeVante Parker)  -- "Ja'Wuan, obviously he has a toe injury. Don't really know the time table on that just yet. Certainly this week of practice doesn't look good I would say. But don't necessarily know exactly how long he'll be out yet."

(On WR DeVante Parker)  -- "DeVante, he's fine. He's fine. It doesn't look like there's anything that's wrong there."

(On if the report of four to six week timetable for T Ja'Wuan James to return is accurate) - "It could be, again, we're kind of looking at all of the options and all the scenarios. We know it's not good, but we don't know quite how bad it is yet."

(On if surgery is being considered for T Ja'Wuan James) - "Anything could be considered and anything is a possibility with it right now."

(On how big of a loss it would be to lose T Ja'Wuan James) -"That would be a big loss for us. Ja'Wuan is in his second year, he's been playing good football for us and he's coming around like a second-year player should. He's an athletic guy, he's a hard worker, but Jason Fox will step in and he'll do a nice job for us and he's played a lot of football himself."

(On if the loss of DE Cameron Wake means full-time move to defensive end for LB Chris McCain) - "I don't know about full-time, but it would certainly mean he would be serving more in that role than anything else."

(On what his message to the players today) - "I did not meet with them today."

(On how he gets the team's confidence back to where it was when he took over) - "I think it's all about going back to work, I don't think, I know. The mood of these players and I could tell last night, I guess that was last night or was that this morning? You could tell just looking at them that the attitude was right. You could tell it burned at them, they didn't feel good about it, they knew they didn't play well and that they're far better than what was put on tape last night. You can tell that they're going to be ready to come back in on Monday and work, and that's just what you've got to do. You've just got to come back and do what we've done the last three weeks when we've been able to go full-speed in practice, get back to a high-competitive level and we'll get our swagger back."

(On what accounts for the team falling so short of what they're capable of in such a big game) - "I just think it really more than anything it was lack of production. I mean I don't see it as a lack of emotion or lack of intensity, it was just more of a production deal, you know we'd have one guy here that would miss a block or one guy here who didn't make a good cut on a run or we had a drop ball or we'd have a penalty I think that's what it was and when you play in big games like that your impact players really have to show up for you and we just didn't get enough plays out of those guys.

(On the injury status of Damien Williams and Jordan Kovacs) "Yeah they're again those are kind of day-to-day type things, we'll see how they go. Both of those guys came back in and played for us yesterday."

(On the team not being able to get out of their own way by making mistakes) - "Yeah, sure I mean there again we knew the opponent we were facing and you got to give New England credit, they do what they do man - they're at home, they play good football. You have to play sound, smart football against them in all three phases and we did not do that, but we certainly didn't help ourselves one bit. I mean you can't have the mistakes that we had, you can't have two turnovers, you can't jump offsides, you can't have a holding call, you can't miss a block here, you can't have an M.A. on a protection so those little things showed up and they hurt you and they really, really hurt you against a team like New England."

(On if playing complementary football is the key to success) -- "We weren't complimentary last night. I would say that we were complementary the two games prior to that. But yeah, we weren't. I thought our defense did some good things particularly early in that game and we've got to find a way to move the ball and get it in the end zone."

(On third down production) -- "Well there again, a majority of those are third and long and I don't care who you are if you get into third and 10 plus that's a problem. That's hard. That was what we were living in the first four games of the season and that's why our lack of production showed up. So where does that start? It starts on first and second down. We have to get more production on first and second down however we get it whether that's running the ball or slip-screens. That's just the bottom line. We can't have tackles for losses or no-gains or incomplete passes. Those are things we have to get out of."

(On if he is glad to have 10 days before the next game or if he would rather get right back at it) -- "No I'm glad that we do have some time here. These guys need a break. They need to heal up. We did get some guys banged up and so this'll be good. This'll give us a few days to heal up a little bit and I think this'll serve us well."

(On if he had a chance to talk to DE Cameron Wake today) -- "I talked to him last night. Cam (Wake) is a true pro. He's a big man and of course he is disappointed but he's holding his head high. He's not going to let it drag him down. But, I mean, that's tough. It's tough. That's tough for anybody."

(On his thoughts on Thursday games and how they may increase injuries) -- "I probably shouldn't get into that."

(On how much time he is going to allow himself to relax) -- "I'll probably give myself maybe a day; probably Sunday. Spend it with the family. Try to get to know them again. I plan on coming in tomorrow and gather my thoughts, look at a little Buffalo. Think about the practice schedule and how we want to go about it to prepare for Buffalo. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow."