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Jets at Dolphins five questions: Todd Bowles makes it feel like 'grown ups at table'

The New York Jets visit the Miami Dolphins in London this weekend. Our weekly five question post comes to us from Scott Salmon of Gang Green Nation this week and gives us a closer look at the Jets.

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Todd Bowles is someone with whom Miami Dolphins fans are very familiar, having been the South Florida franchise's assistant head coach/secondary coach under Tony Sparano, then the interim head coach when Sparano was fired. We all really liked him and knew he would get a shot at being a full head coach one day - unfortunately it turns out that chance would be with the New York Jets. How has Bowles transitioned into his first true head coaching position, and how, as a fan, is he compared to Rex Ryan?

I like to say that it finally feels like the grown ups are at the table. You know Rex Ryan, he's all bluster and all defense. He's up and down. Todd Bowles is the opposite. He's calm and collected. He's steady. He's trying to be a head coach, not a defensive coordinator. So it's been a good transition so far.

Continuing on that, Bowles came up as a secondary coach then a defensive coordinator. Now he has toys like Darrelle Revis. How has the return of Revis to the Jets been? The secondary as a whole? And, will Revis, who is battling groin and hamstring issues, be ready come Sunday?

It's like he was never gone. In the last game against the Philadelphia Eagles, he didn't give up a catch. In some ways, he's been even better. He's recovered a few fumbles and gotten an interception... it was rare for him to have a turnover in his first stint with the Jets simply because teams never threw at him. With how many good cornerbacks the team has now, they don't have much of a choice.

The Jets are relying on Ryan Fitzpatrick this year at quarterback. He has led the team to two impressive wins, but looked more like the Buffalo Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Philadelphia Eagles this past week. He has a 62 percent completion rate so far this year, with 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. What should Dolphins fans expect to see out of Fitzpatrick on Sunday?

He's still the same old Fitzpatrick, which means he's serviceable, but he's still gonna make bad decisions occasionally (even though he did go to HARVARD UNIVERSITY). His arm strength is also definitely declining, so his ability to hit the deep pass has been severely impaired. I wouldn't be surprised to see him throw a pick to Brent Grimes. But he'll still be able to lead a few methodical drives down the field.

Brandon Marshall appears to be settling in nicely with the Jets, averaging over 90 yards a game so far, with three touchdowns and more receptions (22) than anyone else has targets at this point (17 for Bilal Powell). It seems like Marshall is usually a star when he first starts playing with a team, but will suddenly turn into a distraction for the team, ultimately leading to him heading to a new franchise after a couple of years. Have you seen any of the "diva" Marshall, or is he still in the "honeymoon" phase, and what do you expect from him the rest of the year?

We have not seen the "diva" Marshall, although nothing will surprise me if the team starts losing. So far, he's been a great teammate and the Jets don't have any complaints. That could change, as you all well know. If they keep feeding him the ball, and he's clearly their best option, I think we can stave off the diva label for now.

Before the season, the AFC East was widely considered the most competitive division in the NFL, with the Patriots looking like the top team, then Buffalo, Miami, and New York fighting it out for a potential Wildcard spot. Now, after three weeks, the Dolphins look like they are playing for last place in the division unless something turns around quickly. What are your expectations for the Jets the rest of the season? Are they a contender for the postseason or will they fall back to the bottom of the division, needing another year or two before they are truly contenders?

The defense has looked as advertised. The question is the offense, per usual. In contrast to the past few years, they've looked good at times, and much of the same at other points. I'd say it's still an improvement, so I think they'll be pushing for a playoff spot, but I'm not convinced they're there yet.

As always, a big thank you to Scott for taking the time to give us a better look at the 2015 edition of the Jets. You can check out my answers to his questions here.