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Dolphins offensive snap counts versus Texans

The Miami Dolphins beat the Houston Texans on Sunday. We look at the snap counts for all the players on offense this afternoon.

The Miami Dolphins crushed the Houston Texans in the first half this past Sunday, leading 41-0 at the break, before cruising home to a 44-26 victory and an overall improvement to 3-3 on the year. The Dolphins clearly took their foot off the gas in the second half of the game, allowing Houston to put up some points and make the score a lot closer than it really needed to be. While some people are concerned about the difference in play between the two halve, it was not an execution or play calling issue, but more a player issue - as in the Dolphins began to substitute their second- and third-string players into the contest fairly early in the game.

Those substitutions can be clearly see when taking a look at the snap counts from the game, where several starters ended up with fewer plays than some of the reserves. The only player who seemed to be in the lineup longer than maybe he needed to be was quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played 89-percent of the game, even though it was decided well before the half. It appears, however, that the coaches and Tannehill realized he was on a streak of consecutive completions, a streak that eventually set a new NFL record at 25 straight without an incompletion, and left him in the game until that streak ended (Tannehill finished the game 18-for-19 after a dropped pass killed the perfect streak in the fourth quarter). The Dolphins also left several of the starting offensive linemen, like center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Branden Albert in the game for as long as Tannehill was under center, pulling them both at the same 89-percent played mark as Tannehill.

Three players actually played more than the Tannehill-Pouncey-Albert trio, offensive linemen Dallas Thomas, Ja'Wuan James, and Billy Turner. Thomas and James, manning the left guard and right tackle positions respectively, each played all 63-snaps on the day, the only two Miami offesive players to reach 100-percent of the game played. Turner played 94-percent of the game at his right guard position.

The percentages of snaps played begin to drop quickly as the list continues past the 89-percent group. Tight end Jordan Cameron and wide receiver Kenny Stills each played 76-percent of the game, while wide receiver Rishard Matthews and tight end Dion Sims were each on the field 76-percent of the time. Wide receiver Greg Jennings saw action on 44-percent of the plays, with running back Jonas Gray appearing in 43-percent of the snaps.

Starting running back Lamar Miller, who tallied 175 yards on the ground, including an 85-yard touchdown run, plus another 61-yards receiving including a 54-yard touchdown. was only on the field for 38-percent of the game, while starting wide receiver Jarvis Landry saw 35-percent of the playing time. Rookie first round draft pick DeVante Parker saw the field for 29-percent of the offense's plays.

Running back Damien Williams played 19-percent of the game. Guard Jamil Douglas was on the field for 17-percent of the contest, while tackle Jason Fox appeard in 11-percent of the plays. For the first time this season, backup quarterback Matt Moore took snaps, playing the 11-percent of the game Tannehill sat out. Tight end Brandon Williams was on the field for 5-percent of the contest ad defensive tackle Earl Mitchell continued to make appearances on offense, this time for one play or 2-percent of the snaps.

Week 7 Snap Counts - Dolphins offense:


Ryan Tannehill - 56
Matt Moore - 7

Running backs

Jonas Gray - 27
Lamar Miller - 24
Damien Williams - 12
Earl Mitchell - 1

Tight ends

Jordan Cameron - 48
Dion Sims - 42
Brandon Williams - 3

Wide receivers

Kenny Stills - 48
Rishard Matthews - 42
Greg Jennings - 28
Jarvis Landry - 22
DeVante Parker - 18

Offensive linemen

Dallas Thomas - 63
Ja'Wuan James - 63
Billy Turner - 59
Mike Pouncey - 56
Branden Albert - 56
Jamil Douglas - 11
Jason Fox - 7

Season Snap Percentage - Dolphins offense

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