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Ndamukong Suh runs through Texans offensive line like it is not there

The Miami Dolphins signed Ndamukong Suh to the largest non-quarterback contract in league history this offseason. On Sunday, we saw why.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It took six games, but Ndamukong Suh showed why the Miami Dolphins signed him to a six-year, $114 million contract this offseason. Suh, during his days with the Detroit Lions, was among the most feared and disruptive defensive tackles in the league. I the first five games with Miami, Suh was effectively taken out of games by double-team blocks and cut-blocks. He was suddenly a "waste of money" as fans and analysts began to deride the Dolphins for signing Suh.

That all changed on Sunday.

Suh made the Houston Texans' offensive line look like they were not even playing. He was able to shed double teams. He was getting after the quarterback. He was knocking down passes. In essence, Suh was everything the Dolphins wanted when they signed him. Suh was the All-Pro, Pro Bowl, best defensive tackle in the game, and the Dolphins defense rallied around that play.

There was one point in the game where the Dolphins led 35-0 and Houston had -2 yards of total offense. Miami had five touchdowns, Houston had lost yardage. At halftime, the Dolphins were up 41-0. The defense was incredible. Flat out incredible. And Suh (along with Cameron Wake and Reshad Jones) was the catalyst for that play.

The box score for the game shows Suh had six tackles, two sacks, three tackles for loss, two passes defensed, and three quarterback hits. The sacks were his first two as a member of the Dolphins and came on consecutive plays. The third play in that set of downs featured a Wake sack.

Suh plays a position that does not always end up with stats in the box score, more about eating up blockers and freeing up the defensive ends and linebackers to make plays. In five years with the Lions, Suh had proven he was the exception to that rule, averaging over seven sacks and nearly 50 tackles a season. With the Dolphins, he may have started a little slowly - as did the entire team - but Suh appears to be back on track now. The rest of the AFC East and the league may be in trouble.