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Arian Foster injury ends his season with torn Achilles tendon

The Miami Dolphins demolished the Houston Texans on Sunday. It may be the loss of Arian Foster that proves to be even more detrimental to the Texans.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster appears to have sustained a serious injury late in the game against the Miami Dolphins. Foster lined up in the backfield, then motioned to the slot as the Texans were inside the Miami 10-yard line. At the snap, Foster took one step forward and immediately fell the ground, where he was in obvious pain. He eventually stood up and tried to walk off the field, clearly frustrated and pushing away the trainers.

The team has released that it is an Achilles injury:

From the look of the play, and how quickly Foster hit the ground, it very easily could be a torn Achilles tendon for Foster, which would end the running back's season.

The Dolphins beat the Texans 44-26 on Sunday. However, it may be the loss of Foster that proves worse for the Texans.

UPDATE: Foster has torn his Achilles and is out for the year.