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Texans at Dolphins final score, recap, and rapid reactions

The Miami Dolphins demolished the Houston Texans in a Week 7 contest in South Florida.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins carried the momentum of last week's beatdown of the Tennessee Titans into this week's demolition of the Houston Texans. The Dolphins started fast, and never let up, leading 41-0 at the half and winning the game  44-26. While tonight, and over the next few days, we will go in depth on an incredible day for the Dolphins, right now, we are just going to bring you some rapid reactions and thoughts from during the game.

First half:

  • Dolphins defense on first Houston possession: Ndamukong Suh QB hit, a run stuff on second down, and Cameron Wake breaking up the pass on third down. That's a great defensive start. Now time for the offense to start just as fast.
  • That works! 53-yard touchdown, Ryan Tannehill to Rishard Matthews. 7-0!
  • Dan Campbell for the Hall of Fame!
  • Michael Thomas is everywhere today. He appears to be one step behind being there to make a big play, but he is hyped.
  • Damn! Make it two-fifty yard pass plays from Tannehill! This time, Jarvis Landry makes the Houston defense look silly.
  • Dan Campbell for President! Jarvis Landry for Vice President!
  • Rain? In South Florida? No way! Bet it does not last long.
  • You do NOT run on the Miami Dolphins defense! (So good to be able to say that again.)
  • Hello, my name is Ndamukong Suh. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Brian Hoyer just threw a ball to absolutely no one. The closest thing on the screen was the first down line.
  • Make it 21-0! Jarvis Landry again.
  • Dolphins on pace for 84-0 game.
  • Lamar Miller with a 54-yard touchdown! It's now 28-0 and that's a 53-, 50-, and 54-yard touchdown pass for Tannehill.
  • Oh, hey, look at that, it's sunny again in South Florida.
  • I can't even type fast enough to keep up with the Dolphins' scoring now. Reshad Jones with the pick six! It's now 35-0!
  • Cameron Wake with the strip sack! That's five in two games.
  • The commentators are discussing what Bill O'Brien can tell the Texans at halftime. It's got to be something like "Hey guys, the plane takes off at 7pm. See you all there."
  • Reshad Jones busts through the line for the sack! Oh, just kidding, Olivier Vernon was offsides.
  • Rookie Bobby McCain with the beautiful pass breaku pin the endzone on fourth down!
  • And Lamar Miller breaks out the 85-yard run for a touchdown! Make it 41-0 (Andrew Franks missed the extra point)!
  • The last time the Dolphins scored 40 points was Thanksgiving 2003 versus the Dallas Cowboys. Last time they scored 50 was Week 1 in 1995 against the New York Jets. The team record for most points scored is 55.
  • Ndamukong Suh with his first sack as a member of the Dolphins!
  • Ndamukong Suh with his second sack as a member of the Dolphins! (Next snap)
  • Cameron Wake whit his second sack of the game! (Next snap)
  • #SacksOnTheBeach

Second Half

  • Dolphins starting with the ball in the second half.
  • Three-and-out for the Miami offense. Looks like Lamar Miller is done for the day.
  • Houston doesn't do anything with the ball and is punting back to Miami.
  • FUMBLE! Damien Williams puts the ball on the ground and Houston recovers at the Miami 31 yards line. That's not going to help the shutout attempt.
  • Touchdown Houston. Hoyer finds Arian Foster in the endzone. Looks like Houston is trying to find as many ways as possible for Foster get to the ball. Missed the extra point. 41-6.
  • Man, J.J. Watt has decided he wants to be noticed in the second half. That's two sacks.
  • Dolphins punt. It feels like they have throttled down right now and Houston is taking advantage of it.
  • Touchdown Houston. It's now 41-13.
  • Touchdown Houston. I's now 41-20. Dolphins better wake up before the amazing first half becomes all about the Houston comeback.
  • Ryan Tannehill just set the NFL record for most completions in a row, with his 25th straight. He's still a perfect 18-for-18 today, plus his last 7 completions in Week 6.
  • No! Incomplete pass. That makes Tannehill 18-for-19 and ends the streak.
  • Field goal. Dolphins lead 44-20.
  • Touchdown Houston. It's now 44-27.
  • That looked ugly. Arian Foster motioned out to the slot and at the snap, took one step and fell down. Reported as an Achilles injury.
  • Ryan Tannehill's day is done. 18-for-19, 282 yards, 4 touchdowns, a perfect 158.3 passer rating.
  • Matt Moore in the victory formation!
  • Dan Campbell is 2-0 as a head coach!
  • On to the Patriots on Thursday!