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Olivier Vernon fined for hit on Marcus Mariota, plans to appeal

Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon told reporters on Wednesday that he has received notification of a fine from the NFL for his hit on Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The NFL has fined Miami Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon an undsiclosed amount for this low hit on Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota during Sunday's 38-10 Dolphins voctoyr. Described by Titans head coach Ken Wisenhunt as "bulls*** football," the hit sprained Mariota's MCL, though the quarterback continued to play. The hit was flagged for unnecessary roughness during the game.

The play has been much discussed here on the site and throughout the media. Wisenhunt and Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan were clearly angered by the play, expressing frustration that Vernon would target Mariota's knees, saying that it was clear Vernon meant to injure Mariota. The Titans' quarterback, however, said he does not believe it was intentional and that Vernon has aplogized for the play. Vernon has repeatedly stated there was nothing malicious in the play.

Taking a closer look at the play, it appeared Vernon was intending to hit Mariota in the chest after making a spin move past Lewan. As Vernon closed on Mariota, however, Lewan pulled on Vernon's arm, which may have changed his impact point with the quarterback.

The NFL does not typically announce fines issued. Vernon told the media on Wednesday that he had recevied a fine, but did not express the amount of the fine. He did state that he plans to appeal the disciplinary action.

Vernon was later flagged again for unnecessary roughness on Mariota, this time for a late hit in the quarterbacks chest.