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Strikes & Gutters Week 6

"Don't Give Up. Don't Even Give Up." - Emmitt Smith

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

This week marks the beginning of the Dan Campbell era in the annals of Miami Dolphin folklore. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! Let’s try and focus on the positives:

1) It can’t possibly get any worse.

2) ?

3) ?????

4) Kevin Coyle is gone.

Last week was a rough one. Edelman, Allen and Maclin all had productive days, but Hankerson and Hillman were useless. 2.5 out of 5 there. As for the gutters, I did hit on the putrid wasteland that is the Detroit RB situation and Redskins RBs were pretty useless as well. Jason Witten was predictably quiet, as the Pats stomped the Cowboys JV team. So 5.5 out of 10 for the week.



Eddie Lacy: This may fall under the "No Duh" category, but he’s been pretty terrible thus far. I say that changes this week.

Greg Olsen: The Seahawks get torched by TEs. And the Panthers don’t have anyone else to throw to.

Carson Palmer: The Steelers secondary is pretty bad. The Cardinals are a very good team. Laws of average say that Carson Palmer will do well.

Shane Vereen: In PPR formats he has real value. I bet he gets you some solid production in the flex spot or if you have better RBs on a bye.

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the Week, Lamar Miller: I really feel like the Dolphins are going to try and establish the run. The Titans run defense is allegedly vulnerable, but that is against NFL teams that block and run. The Dolphins don’t meet many (if any) of those criteria.


Russell Wilson: Danger-Russ has a terrible matchup this week, and the Seahawks have been pretty bad on offense this season. Tough matchup, low scoring game.

Redskins passing Attack: The Jets defense is solid and the Skins don’t have many weapons to attack them with.

Chiefs RBs: It’s probably going to be Charcandrick West that sees the bulk of the carries. The Vikings are good on defense. The Chiefs are bad all around.

DeMarco Murray: The Giants are tough on the run. Stay away.

Courtesy Dolphin Sit of the Week, The Defense: Kind of goes without saying, but our defense is terrible. They don’t cover, they don’t tackle well and they don’t get pressure. ONE SACK ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! Avoid the temptation.

There you have it. A season that began with some much hope, lays in ruin a mere 4 weeks later. Hopefully your fantasy teams are giving you something to cheer for.

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.