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Dolphins stand as Week 6 underdogs to Titans

The Miami Dolphins open Week 6 as an underdog to the Tennessee Titans.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a rough start to the 2015 NFL regular season for the Miami Dolphins, losing three of their first four contests, two of which were embarassments at the hands of AFC East division rivals, and firing their head coach. The Dolphins are clearly a franchise mired in futility right now, but they are one that is hoping a drastic change in dynamics, specifically from the stoic Joe Philbin to the demonstrative Dan Campbell, will be able to get the team back on the right track. While in-season coaching changes rarely spark a dramatic change in a team's performance, the Dolphins will be looking to buck that trend starting this weekend as they visit the Tennessee Titans.

Unfortunately, it does not appear Las Vegas is ready to jump on the change bandwagon for Miami. The Dolphins have opened at 2.5-point underdogs across most betting lines. That number appears to be moving toward the 3-point advantage for Tennessee.

The early season performances for the Dolphins, and the question marks surrounding the coaching change, will be a large part of seeing the Titans favored in a game that, before the start of the season, nearly everyone would have predicted Miami to easily win. Now, being an underdog to a team with a rookie quarterback seems to make sense.

Typically, NFL teams are given a three point advantage for being at home, which means Miami and Tennessee are seen as fairly even. Earlier today we took a look at some of the things Dan Campbell as the interim head coach has to change immediately if the Dolphins are going to have success this year. If Miami is able to respond and rebuild under Campbell, and they are able to start doing it as early as this Sunday, they could find themselves moving from underdogs the rest of the year to actually being favored in some games.