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Phinsider Flash Poll: Mike Wallace Edition

Phinsider Flash Poll: Mike Wallace Edition, Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace has had what most fans would describe as an up an down tenure with the Miami Dolphins. When Wallace was signed many fans celebrated, believing that he was going to be the alpha reciever that the Dolphins have long lacked or when they did have one used him improperly. Since Wallace has arrived in Miami the reviews have been mixed. Many fans believe that he is the piece that makes this offense go while others are now calling for him to be be cut or traded or whatever will see him leaving town.

There has long been criticism aimed at Wallace by some fans. Much of it stemming from his multiple drops in two seasons or his lack of overall production over the last couple of seasons with others claiming that he "gives up" on plays or does not go all out on every play. Others defend him, laying the blame at the feet of quarterback Ryan Tannehill or even the offensive coordinator. Then came week 17 of the 2014 NFL season...

Most fans were for surprised to see Mike Wallace was no longer in the game and then according to twitter, gone from the sideline altogether. Fans were dismayed as to why their "star wide-out" was nowhere to be found in a game where the team was having difficulties moving the ball against the Jets defense. Miami of course dropped that game to the Jets 24 to 37. Following the game multiple reports as to what had or may have happened came out.

First came former Dolphins beat writer Jeff Darlington who claimed via Twitter that Wallace had just refused to re-enter the game. Fan's, as would be expected, reacted in outrage. Most calling for him to be cut ASAP. Then on Monday Wallace claimed that the choice was not his but fell solely on the coaches causing many fans to question why remove one of your  best weapons in a game where you are having a hard time moving the ball in the first place. Head coach Joe Philibin, when asked why Wallace was not in the game, would only respond with a cryptic comment of "I had a conversation with him during the game and made a coaching decision. It's really nothing more complicated than that.". You can read our expanded coverage of the incident HERE.

None of what came out after the game of course told the fans exactly what had happened and none still know for sure leaving the fans to only speculate at this point. Also now questioned is "Does Wallace still have a future with the Miami Dolphins?". When questioned directly as to his future with the Dolphins Wallace remarked that he would like to return in 2015 but that those sorts of decisions were up to the team. This still leaves the fans not knowing what the teams stance on Wallace is going forward. So now we have the "incident", whatever it actually was, but additionally there is the fact that Wallace makes a lot of money and the Dolphins are very tight under the expected cap for 2015.

In 2014 Wallace counted $17,250,000 against the cap making him by far the highest paid and highest cap impact player on the team. Wallace in 2014 caught 67 balls for 862 yards and 10 touchdowns. In 2014 Wallace will once again be the teams highest paid player (pending any newly signed contracts) with a cap impact of $12,100,000. The Dolphins if they so choose to do so can save $2,500,000 against the cap by cutting him pre June 1st. They can save $6,900,000 by making the move a designed or actual June 1st cut. If traded he would save $5,500,000 but unlike in the post June 1st cut scenario there would be no monies carried over and charged against the 2016 cap if traded.

With all of that in mind, today's question is simple- "Will Mike Wallace be with the Miami Dolphins in 2015?"