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Dolphins fined fourth most in league in 2014

Miami Dolphins players surrendered over $2.5 million to the NFL last year.

Al Bello/Getty Images

During the 2014 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins players lost the fourth most amount of money from the 32 teams in the league, due to fines, according to a study from The website took the fines every player obtained during the year, as well as money lost due to suspension, and totaled it all.

For the Dolphins, that total number was $2,538,599 over the course of the year. The Indianapolis Colts led the league with a total of $4,018,517 in lost salary, followed by the Arizona Cardinals at $3,049,610, and the Baltimore Ravens at $2,736,756. Just behind Miami, the San Francisco 49ers round out the top five at $2,516,363.50.

The vast majority of Miami's final total came from the six games in which Dion Jordan was suspended. Technically two separate suspensions, Jordan lost $551,119 from the first two game punishment, then $1,102,239 from the four-game suspension he served after that, bringing him to a total of $1,653,358 for the season. Safety Reshad Jones' four-game suspension tallied another $849,411 toward the Miami total, meaning Jordan and Jones accounted for 98.59-percent of the total in fines for the team.

The remaining $35,830 came from a Cameron Wake fine in Week 17 for roughing the passer, totaling $16,537, a Brandon Gibson taunting fine from Week 15 for $11,025, and a Jarvis Landry facemask in Week 6 for $8,268.

The Spotrac list of fines does have one falsehood in it, however, as Adrian Peterson's six-game suspension was not included. That one suspension cost Peterson $4,147,058 in lost salary, and would have easliy cleared the fines of every other team in the league.