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DeflateGate gets the Saturday Night Live treatment

Saturday Night Live takes on the DeflateGate scandal.

The New England Patriots are embroiled in "DeflateGate" as the NFL investigates whether or not they intentionally deflated footballs in the AFC Championship. The story has exploded all over the media, from sports talk radio to national new networks, and is dominating the pre-Super Bowl talk.

This week, including Tuesday's media day, should continue the talk about footballs, pounds per square inch, conspiracy theories, and atmospheric conditions.

It also gave Saturday Night Live everything they needed for their cold opening this weekend. Beck Bennett took on the role of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for a press conference, followed by Taran Killam as Tom Brady trying to explain how much he knew about the footballs and how they got deflated.

If you want the latest on DeflateGate, you can check out our post on the actual Belichick press conference. You can also follow the latest over at Pats Pulpit, SB Nation's Patriots site.