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Ryan Tannehill a Pro Bowl QB? He should be

Should Ryan Tannehill be a Pro Bowl quarterback? Probably, given Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton are going.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Is Ryan Tannehill a Pro Bowl snub? It looks like it. The Miami Dolphins starting quarterback's 2014 season may not be what you would typically envsision when it comes to "Pro Bowl" seasons, but neither are some of the other performances from quarterbacks now heading to the all-star event. Tannehill should absolutely have been a consideration for this year's Pro Bowl.

Before we get to Tannehill's resume, here is why this is becoming an issue. The NFL selected six quarterbacks for the game. These are six players who absolutely, no argument at all, should be heading to the Pro Bowl: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tony Romo. No issues here.

Four of those players, however, have had to drop out of the game. Brady because the New England Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl; Manning, Rodgers, and Roehlisberger due to injury. The four replacements started off well: Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, and Matt Ryan. Again, a list that makes sense.

Then something strange happened. Rivers cannot go to the game because of an injury and Flacco turned down the invitation due. Add in the fact that Russell Wilson is not available for the game because of the Super Bowl, and you are suddenly getting into Ryan Tannehill territory.

Instead, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Cincinnati Bengals signal caller Andy Dalton will be heading to Arizona for Sunday's game.


Yes, the Lions and the Bengals were both playoff teams this year, while the Dolphins were only 8-8. That does not mean either quarterback from those two teams were better than Tannehill.

Let's take a look at the stats for all three quarterbacks:

Ryan Tannehill Matthew Stafford Andy Dalton
Yards 4,045 4,257 3,393
Completion Percentage 66.4% 60.3% 64.2%
Yards per Attempt 6.86 7.07 7.06
Touchdowns 27 22 19
Interceptions 12 12 17
Passer Rating 92.8 85.7 83.5

If you are telling me that Stafford and Dalton are Pro Bowl quarterbacks, I will absolutely tell you, Ryan Tannehill was snubbed. Tannehill led the three in four of the six categories, was second in passing yardage, and trailed by just two tenths of a yard per pass in yards per attempt.

Is Ryan Tannehill one of the elite quarterbacks in the league? Not yet, be he is trending up. Is he a Pro Bowl quarterback? If Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalkton are, then absolutely Tannehill should be one.

Tannehill is not a Pro Bowl quarterback in terms of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He definitely is in terms of Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton.