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Rank the NFL quarterbacks

There was a discussion earlier today on where Ryan Tannehill ranks in the NFL QB universe. Now, you can give us your answer.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Debating where teams and players rank is one of the favorite offseason pastimes for sports fans. Earlier today, that debate started with exactly where should Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill rank among the NFL starting quarterbacks. Now, we give you a chance to vote for exactly where he should rank.

Some notes before the poll. Some of the starters are assumed starters next year, or best guesses at what a team may do. Will Robert Griffin III be starting for Washington? What's the status of Sam Bradford in St. Louis? E.J. Manuel is the only quarterback in Buffalo at this point.

Also, be careful with your rankings. You can end up ranking everyone 1st if you really want, which does nothing for our results. Make sure you are selecting one quarterback for all 32 rankings.

Finally, try to be realistic. I don't think Tannehill is the top quarterback in the league, nor is he the bottom. You do not honestly believe that either. Let's see if we can get a realistic ranking.

With that said, you can click here to go to the poll.