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Phinsider Flash Poll: Dolphins Logo Edition

After two years of looking at the new Dolphins logo, what are your feelings on it now?

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

It has now been two full seasons since the Miami Dolphins switched out the previous logo for the current one. When the newest logo was unveiled many fans liked it but many more voiced their dislike and hatred with most of the detractors believing that it strayed too far from the "traditional look". In previous updates of the logo the team had always taken most of the cue's for the new logo from the previous logo. With the newest logo it seemed to most as a giant distancing from the previous look with the artist starting from scratch with the exception of keeping the sun in the background.

With that in mind and with some time to see it on the players in games and get use to it where you do stand on the "new" logo now?


Miami Dolphins Logo History