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NFL Playoffs picks for AFC / NFC Championship games

The AFC and NFC Championship games are this afternoon. Who will win? We make our picks.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Later today, the NFC and AFC conference champions will be crowned, earning a shot at the Lombardi Trophy in the February 1 Super Bowl. Who will win each of the games? We will take a shot at picking the winners.

NFC Championship

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
3:05pm ET, FOX

Straight up: The Packers, with a fully healthy Aaron Rodgers, would have a shot at the upset here. With Rodgers unable to move to his right thanks to a torn calf muscle, and a Seahawks defense that knows of Rodgers limitations, I think this gets pushed into Seattle's favor, giving them a chance to win a second straight Super Bowl.  Pick: Seahawks

ATS (Seahawks -7.5): This one is tough. The Packers are not a team likely to be blown out, but that Rodgers injury is scary. Seattle is 6-0-1 against the spread in their last seven games, and they are at home in a place that they are 6-2-1 all season, compared to Green Bay's 3-5 on the road. I go back-and-forth on how I want to pick this game, but I will play the half point, thinking this game is probably about a touchdown difference. Pick: Packers +7.5

AFC Championship

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots
6:40pm ET, FOX

Straight up: The young up-and-coming Colts against the decade of dominance from the Patriots, with a shot at a Lombardi Trophy on the line. I do not know how this is going to go, but I will lean toward the quarterback-coach duo who have been here before.  Pick: Patriots

ATS (Patriots -6.5): New England has been out to prove they are the class of the AFC this year, and they have earned their position in the AFC Championship. I think they will win, but I think it may be a closer game than is expected. I'll again take the points here. Pick: Colts +6.5