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2015 version of Sun Life Stadium

The Miami Dolphins have released a rendering of how the stadium will look in 2015, once this year's set of renovations is complete.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are currently having their home renovated and upgraded. The future of Sun Life Stadium will include a canopy over the seating areas and scoreboards in all four corners of the upper deck. Those additions will not come until 2016, however. How will the 2015 version of the stadium look? Dolphins CEO and President Tom Garfinkel gave us all a first look today.

The progress we have seen so far this year has been the start of the orange seats being ripped out. Earlier this week, Garfinkel gave us all a look at the new aqua seats which will be installed. Now, we have the finished 2015 version of the stadium.

This year's renovations will include moving the seats closer to the sidelines, which will add more lower bowl seats, while removing some of the upper bowl seating and lowering the overall capacity of the stadium.

Even without the canopy and the scoreboards installed, Sun Life Stadium will look like a completely different place next year, and it's a really good looking stadium based on Garfinkel's release. By the 2016 season, it should feel like an entirely new stadium.