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2015 Pro Bowl had no coaches, now it does

The NFL Pro Bowl will have a lot of great players taking the field. They may not have coaches.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well isn't this awkward? The NFL Pro Bowl, which will be played January 25th in Glendale, Arizona, has a problem. No, not the typical complaints that the game is just not very entertaining, but an actual problem with the execution of the game. You see, once the "fantasy" draft is completed and teams are assigned, there is no one available to coach those teams.

The NFL uses the top seeded teams from the losers of the Divisional Round of the Playoffs to staff the Pro Bowl sidelines. Usually, that works out fine. This year, the two top teams are the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys. John Fox just "mutually agreed" to leave his position as the Broncos head coach, with team Vice President of Football Operations John Elway telling all of the assistants that they are free to look for other jobs. The Cowboys allowed all of the contracts for their coaching staff to expire, meaning everyone, including head coach Jason Garrett, is technically a free agent right now.

While it is expected that the Cowboys and their coaching staff will reunite, it does leave the NFL in a strange situation, with ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting that the league is questioning who they will use as the all-star game's coaching staff.

Schefter goes on to speculate that the league will likely turn to the other two losing teams' coaching staffs, those of the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers, to take over the coaching duties. Whatever the case, no one really expected the top two seeded losing teams from the Divisional Round to suddenly have no coaches available. It's a unique situation that the league suddenly faces, and not one anyone had probably considered before.

UPDATE: As was sure to happen, as soon as I post this, the NFL solves the no coaches issue. The league has announced the Cowboys and Ravens will coach the Pro Bowl. Clearly, the Cowboys and Jason Garrett, as well as the staff, are close to finalizing their new contracts.