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Which player would you steal from the four remaining playoff teams?

It's your lucky day! What if you were to get to steal a player from the Packers, Colts, Patriots and Seahawks and add them to the existing Dolphins roster. Who are you picking, and why?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before every upcoming game this year we here at the Phinsider would take a look at the other team and ask ourselves, "Which player would we steal from the opposing roster"?

While those scenarios would be dreamy, I'll do you one better. I'll ask you, "If you could steal one player from the four remaining teams in the NFL conference championship games, who would you pick"?

What a question huh? The choices are endless. All teams are stacked with talent and also have four of the top signal callers in the game. Remember though, you are picking 4 different players that you are adding to the current Dolphins roster. So while Rodgers, Brady, Luck and Wilson very well may be the most significant player on their roster, you wouldn't want to select 4 quarterbacks when you can only start one.

So with that, here's my selections:

Green Bay Packers: Jordy Nelson, WR.

I'm starting out here with a TOTAL wild card and leaving Aaron Rodgers off my selection for reasons you will see later. While it was close, I think Jordy Nelson is EXACTLY what this team needs: a big, fast, physical wideout who can run, jump and create yards after the catch about as good as anyone can in the NFL. Ha-Ha Clinton Dix is worth a thought, as he is as good of a young safety as there is, but Nelson is the total package and would pair PERFECTLY with Wallace and Landry. While Rodgers is the best player in the league in my opinion, he's six years older and has a greater injury history than my next pick.

Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB.

Sorry,Tannehill. While Rodgers has a slight edge on Luck at this moment for top QB of the future, Luck has the benefit of being 6 years younger, and he hasn't missed a game due to injury. I do like the progressions shown by Ryan Tannehill, but the fact that Luck is a top 5 QB and still progressing leaves me to believe that he very well could end up being one of the best ever. He's my pick. TY Hilton is a STUD, but after grabbing Nelson our receiving core would already be set. It was very intriguing to think to bring back Vontae Davis and pair him with Brent Grimes, but I picked Luck because I think he is FAR AND AWAY the best player on the Colts. He would make our offense probably the best in football, especially when you consider my next pick.

New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski, TE.

BAM. There goes the neighborhood. While Brady would be a stud on this offense and Darrelle Revis would be an awesome addition to our secondary, there is only one Gronk. He would the perfect aquisition for our red zone target and all of a sudden our offense is made up of Andrew Luck, Lamar Miller, Mike Wallace, Jordy Nelson, Jarvis Landry, and Rob Gronkowski. There is simply no way to stop that offense, so let's turn to the best defensive team to shore up that side of the ball, shall we?

Seattle Seahawks: Richard Sherman, CB.

This was probably my toughest decision yet. Seattle has a handful of fantastic young talent on their defense and I can think of about 10 guys off the top of my head that could be in the mix if I had one player to steal. Their linebacker core is incredible and Bobby Wagner could be a captain on this team. Seattle has the best safety duo in the league; Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor were extremely tough to pass up. But Miami already does have Reshad Jones, who plays the same position as Chancellor, and pairing Richard Sherman with Grimes would make our pass defense straight up shutdown city. Sure, Sherman's best attribute is his mouth, but he backs up his talk with great play on the field. He's big and physical and if we had Grimes AND Sherman, that could give Miami plenty of options on how to deal with even the most elite receiving cores.

So there you have it... Miami would be getting 4 pro bowl players and would look more like a Madden squad than anything. So sound off below, let me know your four selections and why!