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2015 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation posts new mock to open Draft week

The NFL Draft will kick off later this week. SB Nation's Dan Kadar updates his mock draft to start the week.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The week of the 2015 NFL Draft is upon us, which means fast-and-furious NFL Mock Drafts over the next few days. SB Nation's Dan Kadar updated his 2015 NFL Mock Draft this morning, bringing us what appears to be his penultimate first-round mock for this year. Where will the Miami Dolphins be looking when the 14th overall selection happens? Let's see what Kadar thinks.

As in every mock draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston with the first selection according to Kadar, followed by Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota being selected second, with the now standard caveat of mock drafts that the Tennessee Titans, who hold the pick, may not be the ones making the selection if any of the rumored trades happen. After that, the Jacksonville Jaguars pick up Florida outside linebacker Dante Fowler, Jr., the Oakland Raiders grabbing USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams, and the Washington Redskins adding Clemson outside linebacker Vic Beasley.

Jumping to the Dolphins with the 14th pick, Kadar projects them to go in a direction that, earlier today, we discussed as a continuing swirl of rumors. According to Kadar, with the 14th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins selecting Georgia running back Todd Gurley.

Kadar's write-up of the pick may be one of the best explanations in breaking it down to why Gurley to the Dolphins makes sense:

Let's take the player and position away for a second. If I told you that you'd get the sixth-best player in the draft at pick No. 14, you'd take it, right? Sure you would, unless you're crazy. At its core, that's what this choice represents. Is it early for a running back? Maybe. Is it early for the sixth-best player in the draft? Nope. No one will care if Gurley reaches his status as the next Marshawn Lynch.

Gurley is one of my favorite players in this draft. I love the athleticism and power he can bring to the Miami running game. I think the combination of Lamar Miller and Gurley gives the Dolphins something similar to the Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combination of several years ago. A lot of fans complain that the Dolphins have Miller, so they do not need Gurley, but those same fans loved the two-headed monster that was the Brown/Williams combination. If the Dolphins can get something like that back, something that becomes a strong running game and leads to less pressure on quarterback Ryan Tannehill as defenses respect the Miami running game, the pick makes perfect sense.

I have some doubts of whether Gurley will be available for the Dolphins when the Draft actually happens this Thursday, but if he is, he very easily could be the best player on the board. And, taking a player who should be a special talent is never a bad thing.