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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Peter King takes his 'Best Guess'

We are deep into the 2015 NFL Mock Draft season. MMQB's Peter King takes his best guess at what will happen later this month.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is later this month, which simply means over the next few weeks, we will see more and more mock drafts be published all around the internet. Tuesday saw The Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King add to the mock drafts with, what he calls, his "Best Guess Draft," explaining, "Four weeks before the NFL draft commences in Chicago, no one can predict anything with certainty. But here’s an—ahem—informed look at how the first 32 selections could go down."

King starts his 2015 NFL Mock Draft exactly where everyone starts their mock draft this year, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers adding Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston to the roster. He then follows that with the Tennessee Titans picking Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, the Jacksonville Jaguars selecting Florida outisde linebacker Dante Fowler, and the Oakland Raiders adding USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams. King then projects a trade with the fifth pick, having Robert Griffin III trade-mates the St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins do it again, this time with Rams moving up from the 10th position to the fifth overall pick, giving the Redskins the 72nd overall pick as well. With their newly acquired selection, the Rams add West Viriginia wide receiver Kevin White, pairing him, as King points out, with his former teammate on the Mountaineers squad, Tavon Austin.

The AFC East gets into the act with the sixth pick, where the New York Jets add Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper.

The second pick from the division belongs to the Miami Dolphins, who are picking 14th overall. King projects Miami to grab Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker. Of the pick, King simply explains:

An obvious need. Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey prays Parker will be on the board at 14.

The Buffalo Bills do not have a first round selection this year, having sent it to the Cleveland Browns for Sammy Watkins last year, so the third and final AFC East pick of the opening night of the Draft will belong to the New England Patriots, who will pick last in the round after winning the Super Bowl. King predicts the Patriots to look to replace Vince Wilfork in the middle of the defensive line with Florida State nose tackle Eddie Goldman.

Jumping back to the Dolphins' pick, it seems more and more common for Miami to land Parker in the mock drafts around the internet this week. The projections where Miami does not take him usually indicate that he is already off the board by the Dolphins' pick. At this point, it seems like it will be 50/50 on Parker being available for Dennis Hickey to select. What may be more interesting to see is if Parker is gone, where do the Dolphins look?