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Ray Rice domestic violence video leads to Ravens terminating contract

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The Baltimore Ravens have terminated the contract of running back Ray Rice.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiance, now wife, Janay, was released by TMZ. Since the video surfaced, a video in which Rice twice throws left hooks at Janay's head (Rice is left handed), the second of which picks her off her feet, and appears to have her unconscious prior to her hitting her head on the rail of the elevator, the talk has again returned to how the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens have failed in their handling of the situation. The NFL suspended Rice for two games, while the Ravens organization seemed to completely support the running back.

That has all changed now. According to media reports, the Ravens have officially terminated the contract of Rice, effectively ending his time with the team. He is now a free agent, though it will be interesting to see how desperate a team has to be before they sign Rice.

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[UPDATE 2:50pm ET:] The NFL has suspended Rice indefinitely.