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Jonathan Martin expected to start for 49ers; Richie Incognito still without job

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to use Jonathan Martin as their starting right tackle today.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Martin is a starting right tackle in the NFL again. After walking out on the Miami Dolphins mid-way through the 2013 season, Martin appears set to start for the San Francisco 49ers today. After leaving the team and levying bullying allegations at the team, Martin was traded this offseason to the 49ers, where he was teamed up with his college coach, Jim Harbaugh.

After spending the offseason as the second team right tackle, Martin has been moved up to the starting lineup today thanks to an injury to Anthony Davis.

Part of what was believed to cause the final breakdown for Martin last year was the demotion from the team's starting left tackle back to the right side. Miami was forced to make an in-season trade to acquire Bryant McKinnie from the Baltimore Ravens, in part due to Martin's struggles protecting Ryan Tannehill's blind side.

Martin is back in the NFL as a starting right tackle, while guard Richie Incognito, said to be Martin's best friend on the Dolphins' roster last year, but also the main perpetrator of the bullying that led to Martin's disappearance, is still looking for a job. Speculation is that Incognito could find work as early as this week, with NFL teams interested in him but not wanting to have him on their roster for Week 1, which, under NFL rules, would make his entire 2014 salary guaranteed.