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Facebook proves no one likes the Jets

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Every county in the United States has a favorite NFL team. None of them like the Jets.

Facebook Sports

Yesterday, Facebook Sports put together a look at every county in the United States, and, more importantly, what NFL team is the favorite in each of those counties. It is a pretty cool map, and shows how far a team can reach from their home stadium.

For the Miami Dolphins, most of the state of Florida is still bleeding aqua, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers centered in Tampa and the Jacksonville Jaguars claiming the northeast corner of the state. The New Orleans saints lay claim to the west piece of the panhandle, with a few random counties rooting for other teams from around the country (with several following the Pittsburgh Steelers).

The Dallas Cowboys still claim a large chunk of the country, but the Denver Broncos are taking over much of the central part of the country.

And none of that is the best news of this map. The greatest fact about the map is - NO ONE LIKES THE NEW YORK JETS.  NO ONE. Not a single county in the United States had a plurality in favor of the Jets.

There really is hope for America!

[Hat tip to SB Nation]